Why Outsource Road Show Transcription?

by | Published on Apr 8, 2022 | Transcription Services

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 Why Outsource Road Show Transcription?

Road shows are a key business strategy to exhibit the competence of management of the business. It showcases the products and services of the company by conducting local tours specifically for the target customers, prospects, investors etc. This is an era of digital marketing and the use of social media is also on the rise. So, there arises a question of whether road show promotions can really help boost your business or not. The answer is that road shows raise the awareness of the brand by spreading the word in an in-person and interactive format to a huge market that might not be necessarily internet-savvy.

Road shows require consistent efforts from the top brass of the company including the salespersons in coordinating the event and preparing multiple presentations with Q&A sessions to engage with potential customers and investors. Professional transcription services are imperative to accurately document the live speeches and presentations which will be in audio or video format. The transcripts are then uploaded to the organization’s archive.

Why do companies need road shows?

  • Increases visibility of the brand as the uploaded copies of transcripts are accessed by media and prospects from the website. This enhances the authority of the brand.
  • Enables face-to-face interaction with potential customers.
  • Broadens the scope of sales from phone calls or e-mails to real interaction with the prospects.
  • Helps to keep track of the market demand as people gathered to attend the road shows demand for the product or brand.
  • Ensures social engagement which is crucial for understanding the tone of the target customers.
  • Accelerates market influence by building trust.

It is clear that road shows can contribute to increased ROI. If transcription of road shows is outsourced to reliable companies, businesses can focus on core competencies and capitalize on these events. This helps companies to channelize the resources for planning tours to designated areas.

Why outsource road show transcription?

Live in-person meetings and discussions conducted during these promotional tours have vital information about the key trends in marketing, the goals of the business and future plans of the brand. It will be in audio or video format and there will be lots of information that has to be accurately recorded without missing out any significant data.

Transcription outsourcing companies make this task less tedious in the following manner:

➢  Accurately follows the thought system of the speaker

Road shows are an open forum event. There can be vehicular noises, music, loud applause and shouting from the crowd etc. Also, the speakers face frequent interruptions in the form of queries and requests from the crowd gathered for the event. The speaker might deviate from the core topic that is discussed. This makes the task of recording complex. But a professional transcriptionist is highly skilled and has the expertise to listen keenly and grasp the whole process. Aberration from what the speaker wants to address is undesirable as this negatively affects the vision of the brand.  Accuracy in converting the audio/video format to text format enhances the reliability of the data.  Subsequently, this is uploaded in the company’s website for future reference.

➢  Streamlines the flow of information

Road shows are attended by delegates from various industries. There can be roundtables, podcasts, presentations and other valuable content formats. The presentations come with a Q&A session. This has to be closely watched and listened to carefully as erroneous depiction of facts and figures is undesirable. Therefore, keeping up with the pace of the speakers is very important. Presentations transcriptions are essential to remove audible distractions that might occur when the presenters take long pauses to organize their thoughts. The written format of the presentation is then uploaded to the company’s website for a wider audience.

➢  Keeps track of the time frame

The transcription of road shows has to be strategically planned so that the document is completed before the next event. The copies of transcripts are sometimes distributed among the attendees of the upcoming event. Service-oriented professional transcriptionists ensure that the entrusted task is delivered within the agreed time frame.

➢  Guarantees success of the event

Maintaining a well-organized summary of the events and showcasing the same to investors make them inclined to do business with you. This indicates that the goal of organizing the event has been realized.

➢  Reduces the burden of cost

The right transcription outsourcing companies promptly convert the recorded audio/video files to text files. Businesses are not required to hire additional staff for handling transcription processes. The existing staff can focus on the successful completion of road shows.

The nature of marketing strategies is ever changing. Marketers often hesitate to introduce new tactics owing to the uncertainty involved. However, road shows are found to be effective in terms of reaching out to a wider audience to display products/services. Comparatively, the uncertainty associated with road shows is less. However, organizers have to thoroughly survey the route prior to the event and ensure the use of quality recording equipment for flawless transcription.

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