Why Networking Is Important for Business Growth and Success

by | Published on Jul 31, 2018 | Transcription Services

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Business meetings are an ideal platform for employees to express their ideas and opinions and make informed decisions. The critical decisions can be recorded and transcribed with the help of business transcription services into accurate documents for future reference. A meeting provides an opportunity for employees to improve team work and thereby add value to the business. Similarly, networking is also important for a business to make new connections that can strengthen the business. If you are a start-up firm, networking helps to develop new relationships that provide you a chance to collaborate with huge companies and grow your business.


The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) – a medical coding and certification association – says that networking is an important element for any business. So, to improve networking the AAPC has an innovative initiative where they try out new things to get attendees to interact. They create a separate event, connected to their main annual conference for presidents, CEOs and the higher tier of healthcare management. They have also introduced a mobile app that helps them to streamline the process of networking and get everyone involved. A good mobile app allows attendees to chat and share contact information, it also allows them to scan each other’s badge or easily search for a name and then add a note with that person’s information. Apart from contact lists, mobile app features such as group chats and discussion boards encourage networking and engagement.

In the future, the AAPC plans to have a starter question which would act as an ice breaker so that new people can start networking. Conversation starters would be posted in places where individuals will likely be and the possible locations are intro slides before sessions, back of badges, or tables during meals. Those who attend the focus group will have one shared interest, and offer their opinions. Throughout the discussion, attendees will bond with each other and be more willing to openly interact with each other after the focus group.

Developing a network of business professionals is not a Herculean task; searching and adding them on social media channels is a great way to increase the number of contacts. Following are some tips to improve your networking:

  • Have a good social media presence before making any new connections. Remember to update your profile from time to time.
  • Profiles that have photos are found to get more views and more messages.
  • Remember to always follow up with contacts.
  • Make your networking mutually beneficial so that you can explore more opportunities.
  • Hold separate accounts for social and personal social media accounts. This will ensure that the right people reach out to you more easily.
  • Share promotions and advertising with other companies to target more audience on different channels.

Constructive relationship-building and sustaining it is vital for businesses whether it is with business associates or outsourcing partners such as professional transcription services. Networking allows relationship-building and nurturing. Strong networking ensures that you stay connected and informed, and opens up new opportunities. It is easier to find the right investors, partners, suppliers, service and so on that you need for your business when you know the people you are dealing with or when they are those recommended by someone you know. Networking can be achieved during meetings and conferences, online events, and via popular social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others.

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