Why Lawyers Should Quit Typing and Go for Dictating

by | Published on Dec 30, 2016 | Interview Transcription

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DictatingMany legal firms utilize interview transcription services and other transcription solutions provided by a legal transcription company to transcribe depositions, client interviews and so on with a view to save time and effort. However, there are others who focus too much on written communications such as emails, memos, letters, notes and various reports instead of choosing to dictate the same. This could have a negative impact on their lawyering skills and may also reduce efficiency at the law firm.

Transition from Typing to Dictating Is Necessary

Many legal professionals believe that typing out emails or creating legal documents by typing them into a computer is the most efficient method of documenting a legal record. However, according to recent studies and expert opinion, lawyers are three times more efficient when dictating their ideas rather than typing them out. So in order to ensure that lawyers do not lose efficiency, they should be provided with the right tools to maximize their productivity. At the same time, younger lawyers must be encouraged to develop the oral communication skills they need.

  • Dictating is much more efficient because you can not only have clarity of thoughts but also have the document prepared much quicker and faster.
  • It takes less of your time to dictate and this leaves lawyers with more time which can be spent doing more important things. They could do research, communicate with clients, develop relationships or do networking.
  • You may type fast, but why spend your time creating all the documents, spreadsheets, letters, reports, stipulations and other records that are needed to run your practice when a secretary could easily do that for you? Or an even more cost-effective option would be to utilize legal transcription services.
  • Another problem with drafting the documents on your own is the urge to self edit. This could interrupt your drafting process and increase the time to complete the task.

Efficient Dictation Options

Incorporating digital dictation into your workflow is a practical solution that will help save money and time and also improve overall productivity. There are various dictation options to choose from. You could use professional dictation equipment, digital dictation software, dictation apps or if outsourcing the transcription, you can dictate via a digital recorder or a dedicated toll-free number provided by the online transcription company.
The dictation-transcription model allows lawyers to save valuable time drafting simple documents, organize their thoughts as they dictate, and reduce lengthy meetings into useable transcripts.

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