Why is Business Card Transcription Useful?

by | Published on May 20, 2022 | Business Transcription, Digital Transcription

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business card transcription

Business cards contain vital contact details of an individual or company and it is essential to transcribe them accurately. Leveraging business card transcription services will ensure that your contact information is available in digital format on your smartphone or other devices. Meetings and business events are the places where business owners connect with new clients and build relationships and exchanging digital business cards are easier.

Businesses today now choose to have their business cards transcribed because of the accuracy that is achieved through outsourcing this task to professional providers. Business card transcription is a very useful tool for people who travel to different places and meet new people. In the present world, where technology has become more important than ever, there are many ways to keep your business cards safe and this is when transcribing business cards become handy. Transcribing business cards allows you to create a detailed database with all the information available on the cards. It helps you to have all the information required to start establishing contacts and building your client base. A handwritten card that is illegible holds no value in today’s business world. With transcribed business cards, your contacts can immediately make use of the information provided which helps them connect with you right away.

Another way businesses benefit from having their cards transcribed is that this saves up on time that would otherwise be spent manually typing out all the information on a card into your database.

A business card is an extremely important marketing tool. As the number of their clients increase, corporate professionals need to get their business cards organized. Transcription services use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transcription tools or scanning technology to transcribe business cards. You can get your information into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or a web form, which makes it easier for you to find information about your clients as well as to keep track of all the cards you have already collected. Business cards can also be converted into a digital format using scanning apps. However, scanning apps may not provide the required accuracy. Business cards come in a variety of tints, styles, colours, and typefaces, all of which can impair the data quality when scanning them. Any type of inaccuracy can render such data unusable to end users. On the other hand, a business transcription service provider can ensure that your business card is transcribed accurately. Converting business cards into their digital format improves communication with potential clients. Digitizing your cards will allow you to import your contact information into your email marketing application for easy sharing. Digitized business cards can also be converted into downloadable formats like Excel, TXT, CSV, and VCF.

Advantages of business card transcription

  • Allows you to organize their contact information properly and manage your contacts better.
  • Saves time and effort that would go into manually entering contact details into your address book, giving you more time to focus on core tasks
  • Allows storing of multiple business contacts so that you don’t have to move around with a large number of physical business cards.
  • Helps you keep track of the important phone numbers and addresses that are given out in your day-to-day dealings with clients, vendors or customers

If you are looking to digitize your business contact information, reach out to a reliable provider of digital transcription services. An expert can help you to organize and store your valuable contact information for easy access anywhere, any time.

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