Why Does the HR Department need Business Transcription Services?

by | Published on Mar 22, 2022 | Business Transcription

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Why Does the HR Department need Business Transcription Services?

Recording and transcribing disciplinary meetings can also be useful to evaluate the performance of HR managers even before we stepped into a “socially distanced” world, HR departments were using video to record interviews, meetings, and other interactions with employees. Today, remote work has transformed the way HR departments operate.  Whether held in-person or online, keeping written records of audio/video communication with the help of a business transcription company is crucial to make the best use of the information generated. Outsourcing transcription also cut costs and enables HR managers to get text files of audio and video recordings in a quick turnaround time. 

Let’s take a look at the many ways business transcription services support HR departments:

  • Accurate records of job interviews to make the right hiring decisions: Recording interviews with potential employees provides permanent access to first-hand information. By recording the session, interviewers can focus on the job at hand. Recordings are also easy to share across the board. Transcription enhances these benefits. Remembering what each candidate said is practically impossible.  

Interview transcription helps HRs: 

  • get pertinent information about each candidate interviewed
  • avoid manual note-taking
  • organize the notes and search for specific information in them
  • summarize the interaction more easily
  • Share the notes with other decision-makers who could not be present
  • use the information in the transcripts as a baseline to make an assessment and score candidates later
  • preserve the information for future reference
  • use the text documents to defend hiring decisions 

When candidates know that the interview is being recorded and transcribed, it can build confidence in them about the interview process. When recording interviews for later review, HRs need to adhere to state laws.

  • Maintain accurate records of company meetings: Recording and transcribing meetings and discussions in totality or in part would provide an accurate record of the discussion. As in the case of interviews, taking notes manually is not practical and could result in missing critical information. Hiring meeting transcription services is the best way to stay focused on the objective of the session and obtain an accurate complete record for review and archiving purposes.  Meeting transcripts are also useful for those who were absent.  
  • Employee training and onboarding: HR departments can help new employees learn the ropes with transcription of training sessions. New hires are often overwhelmed with all the information in training sessions, which can relate to a new application, system or company process. With transcripts, attendees can review the session later. They can search out what they need, avoid re-asking questions, refresh their knowledge, and improve their performance in their new position. Recorded sessions can be used to train future employees. In fact, these benefits are all relevant in a situation where a lot of what was typically conducted in person has moved online. With the help of an online transcription company, HR departments can ensure that training sessions are accurately documented, allowing new recruits to be adequately onboarded and current employees to be properly trained in a virtual environment.
  • Verbatim documents of disciplinary meetings: When it comes to disciplinary or grievance meetings and performance reviews, recording and transcribing can help HR managers avoid employment tribunals. Benefits of verbatim transcription of disciplinary meetings/interviews include:
  • creates an indisputable record and transcript of who said what which can reduce the company’s risk of legal liability and expensive litigation
  • when participants are aware that the interview is being recorded and transcribed, it can promote an honest and frank discussion and also prevent emotions from getting out of control
  • ensures managers act appropriately and give employees adequate time to provide their version of the events
  • both parties will rest assured that their comments cannot be misused or misinterpreted
  • managers can refer to the transcripts to review the grievance or disciplinary procedure and identify critical issues or evidence

rs conducting them. Changes to procedures can be made based on issues identified and managers can be offered training to improve their performance. 

  • Maintains confidentiality when sensitive issues are involved: Reliable digital transcription service providers will help HR departments ensure efficient and secure documentation when confidentiality needs to be maintained. For example, in interviews where health or behavioral issues may come up, using internal transcription may have confidentiality implications (www.bristollawsociety.com). To avoid claims that a breach of confidentiality may have occurred, many organizations now prefer to outsource transcription to an external service provider is recommended. Professional business transcription companies adhere to the highest standards of security and will ensure the safe handling of all HR material. 

In addition to these benefits, outsourcing HR transcription to an efficient business transcription company will save time and money for the organization. As the accurate recording of interviews and hearings with multiple attendees is important, organizations must use quality recording equipment with a separate microphone for each attendee.

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