Why Businesses Must Be Innovative and How to Achieve it?

by | Published on Jul 27, 2018 | Business Transcription

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Innovation is what distinguishes a business from its competitors. It gives a business that much desired competitive edge that is vital to penetrate markets and establish a robust connection with developing markets. Most insights for innovation are developed and shared during business meetings, which emphasizes the importance of constructive business meetings. Meeting transcription provided by general transcription companies is a useful service that provides accurate transcripts of the entire proceedings that can be maintained for ready reference at any time.

Business innovation makes it easier for your organization to grow and stand up against competitors. It helps to create new products, methods, ideas and research new markets and target audience – all of which are significant for business growth. Consistent innovation is the best way to ensure that your products/services continue to meet customer demands and continue to drive revenue growth in the future.


Why Innovate?

  • Ensures business growth: According to the Deloitte Innovation Survey 2015, innovation is critical for businesses to grow. Irrespective of the size and popularity, innovation helps businesses improve efficiency and growth. It allows businesses to attract and earn more customers and gradually secure a bigger share of the market.
  • Adapt to unpredictable and unexpected events: Innovation helps you respond efficiently to diverse unanticipated events and adapt to them and their impact.
  • Keep up with fast-paced technology: Data sharing between digital devices has become easier and highly efficient with the advances in digitization. Outstanding connectivity and availability of Big Data is creating new business models and revenue pathways for start-ups as well as established companies that utilize existing assets in innovative and profitable ways.
  • To adapt to changing workplace trends: Today’s workforce seeks more meaningful work, equality and autonomy. Hiring processes are also on the path of change with recruiters relying more on internet-based social processes. Freelancing and contracting are becoming immensely popular with more people working from home and generating their own income. Networking and collaboration are the ways people share and gain knowledge, skill and experience. In keeping with such trends, business organizations have to consider new tactics to ensure improved staff engagement, acquire the best talent and retain them.

Given the importance of innovation, here are six ways to innovate your business:

  • A good work culture: A good work culture encourages employees to be innovative and come up with fresh ideas without any hesitation. This provides the company an open line to communicate with the employee and put the innovative idea into practice. So, companies should promote brainstorming sessions that would encourage the team to present their original ideas.
  • Hire people with innovative ideas: Innovation comes from innovative people. So, hiring people with innovative ideas and creativity helps to see things from a fresh perspective. When recruiting employees, look for candidates with an unusual aspect of education or outside interest. Another method is to hire people from diverse fields. Studies have shown that a diverse workforce helps businesses to be innovative.
  • Use advanced innovative technology: Technological advancement is inevitable for any business. Companies should embrace technology and adopt new techniques to be successful. Today, businesses are moving towards digitization with the help of advanced technology. Similarly, incorporating new techniques such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) etc. can improve efficiency and it also drives innovation within the organization.
  • Improve supply chain operations: Technological advancement along with IoT (Internet of Things) and digitally connected devices helps to achieve better supply chain operations. When more devices are connected, more data becomes available and the supply chain becomes more efficient.
  • Business innovation from outside: It is not necessary that all innovation should come from inside. Innovation can come from outside as well, so collaborating with other promising businesses will help speed up the innovation process and also boost the growth of the company.
  • Use outsourced solutions: It is a good idea to subcontract your new product development requirements to a reliable outside organization.
  • Utilize social networks effectively: The best way to know what prospective customers expect to see in future products or services is by asking relevant questions on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. People are very likely to respond to your queries.
  • Consider asking your customers: This is a great way to bring innovation into your business. Your customers can tell about the new features that could enhance your products and services.

Innovation is inevitable for any business to grow and establish its brand. Organizations in diverse business niches, as well as their external partners such as digital transcription agencies and other providers of outsourced solutions require pioneering technology, the best talent and resources to drive innovation. The focus of businesses in this age of disruption should be to create products and services that customers really value via effective use of technology, and ensure collaborative, creative and friendly work environments that will bring the best out of the team.

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