Why are Call Transcriptions Critical for Businesses?

by | Published on Feb 4, 2022 | Business Transcription

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With meetings moving to the virtual setting, voice and video conference calls have become the norm. Major advancements in technology facilitate instant, on-demand communications with employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners that drive productivity and collaboration. Business calls provide valuable information and need to be analyzed to derive insights. Saving the call recordings and listening to them repeatedly is not a practical way to do this. Customer call and conference call transcription is the way to go. By having your calls transcribed, your team can focus entirely on the meeting rather than spend their time taking notes.

Today, there are an array of audio and video transcription tools to record and transcribe meetings. business transcription companies also document recorded calls and transcribe real-time speech over a call or video. A reliable call transcription service provider can ensure that all the details are accurately documented. There are many reasons why call transcription is critical for businesses:

  • Allow participants to focus on the discussion: With conference call transcription, everyone can focus on what’s being said. It can be difficult and even impossible to take proper notes when you are listening to what others are saying. Trying to do so can be distracting for everyone. Transcribing calls will allow everyone to concentrate and participate better.
  • Facilitates information sharing and collaboration: One of the most important benefits of business call transcripts is that they allow important information to be shared among team members, which supports better collaboration. Correctly documenting and sharing the key points of the discussion will ensure that everyone has a reliable reference in text format. Transcripts help people recall the main points and take the required action. Call transcripts can be accessed online on any device, anywhere and at any time they are needed.
  • Improves supervision: Managers can get useful insights on team members from transcripts. For instance, they can use them to assess the interactions and see how well team members are communicating and collaborating.
  • Ensures no one is left out: By transcribing a meeting, you can make the content available to those who were not able to make it. With the meeting transcript, absentees can catch up on what they missed, get all the important points at a glance, and understand decisions made, which can help them provide feedback and input.
  • Supports decision-making: Transcripts of important meetings conducted via voice or video calls provide a record of decisions made and who is responsible for taking action. It will ensure that there is a proper record for reference or for making decisions in the future. Transcripts can be also used to prepare formal reports of meetings.
  • Increases understanding about customers: When it’s a customer call, transcription can help you improve the customer experience. In fact, in call centres, incoming and outgoing customer calls are automatically recorded. The audio recordings of these conversations between customers and sales agents are stored and reviewed and the information is used to improve the customer experience. Transcription increases the value of these customer call recordings. Sales reps can use transcripts to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and make improvements. Keyword analysis can be performed on the transcripts of the conversations to get actionable insights from customer feedback. Sales reps can use this information when discussing a specific customer’s case or when dealing with that customer. Call transcriptions can help managers and sales and support agents understand customers better and improve the way they handle the customer support experience.
  • Supports training: Call transcripts can come in very useful during the sales personnel onboarding process. New sales reps can use available transcripts to understand how to handle conversations with a customer and manage any situation.
  • Helps in preparing sales and marketing reports: Sales reports allow managers to monitor team performance, plan the right sales strategies, forecast sales, reduce/increase budgets and minimize the duration of the sales cycle. Sales and marketing teams can use call transcriptions of important discussions to prepare accurate reports or summaries and plan their strategies.
  • Improves accessibility: Audio and video transcription can support a diverse audience. This includes people who find it easier to read than to listen, those who are unfamiliar with the language, and those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Recorded conversations become accessible to more people when they are transcribed.
  • Useful for legal reasons: Transcripts of calls can help you keep precise records of the conversations which can be valuable for legal reasons. With call transcripts, you have a written record of what was said and how situations were handled.

Before you record or transcribe calls, make sure to abide by the telephone call recording statutes and regulations. Most states have laws that may require you to provide notice and obtain consent before recording a conversation. These laws differ among states, so make sure you know the specifics of the law in your area.

Customer and conference call transcription serve many important purposes, but error-free documentation is necessary for useful and meaningful records. Partnering with an experienced business transcription service provider can ensure clear and complete notes of your important conversations.

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