What are Sales Pitch Calls? Why Should You Transcribe Them?

by | Published on Mar 4, 2016 | Business Transcription

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Telephone Calls TranscriptionSales pitch involves a line of talk that attempts to persuade the audience with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of that product or service. This has the objective of either introducing a product or service to an audience who is not aware of it, or providing a detailed description of a product or service to an audience interested in it. You can make sales pitch calls to numerous people or a few top notch potential clients depending upon your business strategy. Sales pitch calls are crucial for your business since they pitch to clients and try to sell your products and services. To reap full benefits from these calls you need accurate telephone calls transcription. Before exploring this, let’s see how sales pitching works.

How Sales Pitching Works as a Selling Technique

Typically, sale pitches start with an elevator speech and then head right into a monologue. An elevator speech explains the very essence of a brand or company and its services or products succinctly and accurately so as to encourage the audience to ask more questions. Once the elevator speech is over and if it is delivered well, the audience will likely ask more questions. Sales pitching converts this curiosity among the audience into action, and prospects into clients and customers. This involves long, often aggressive or sometimes loud conversations regarding why a person needs a brand or product, why a person should choose a particular product over another and so on. In this way, sales pitching connects the dots between what your brand or company does and how the audience can benefit from it. This creates customer/client relationships and nurtures leads.

Importance of Sales Pitch Transcription

Whatever the number of sales pitch calls you may have made, it is important to recall all your communication with the audience to find out what you have offered them and what their expectations are. Sales pitch transcription can be more beneficial to your company in this regard. The advantages of transcription are as follows:

  • Provides a brief report of the entire conversation.
  • The report specifies the timing of the next follow-up call.
  • The report includes all pertinent details such as company name, prospect name and telephone number so that it is easy to make the call again.
  • With the transcripts, you can check the quality of conversation and make necessary improvements next time you make a call.

The report provides you with insights about the client’s requirements, which can be helpful for taking futuristic decisions.

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