Ways to Showcase Your Business and Stand From the Crowd

by | Published on Feb 28, 2020 | Business Transcription

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Showcase Your Business and Stand From the Crowd

In this competitive world, showcasing your business is essential to get consumers’ attention. There are various ways to boost your business image. For instance, hosting conferences, seminars, and workshops offer a platform to showcase your brand. Business transcription services are available to document the proceedings for review and improvement. Let’s look at seven top strategies to build trust and get ahead of the competition.

  • Think ahead: To grow your business, look to the future and plan ahead. Take time to assess your goals and see where your business is heading. Thinking ahead will help you adapt your strategies to achieve your vision. Make time every week to evaluate the bigger picture and make plans for the future. Focus only on goals that will make a difference to your business. Microsoft is an excellent example of a learning organization that continually reviews its performance and improves on it. This enabled it to successfully make the massive shift in mindset from desktop to Internet when its market place changed (www.chieflearningofficer.com).
  • Focus on the customer: Focus on customer pain points and make sure your team is focused on meeting customer needs and expectations. Being customer-centric means providing a positive pre-and post-sales customer experience, which will drive demand, promote customer loyalty and improve business growth. Amazon is a prime example of a customer-centric organization. Their innovative business model is the result of their efforts to understand customers’ buying habits. Amazon was ranked a top online retailer for customer satisfaction in 2015. The company’s commitment is best expressed in the words of its Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos: “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”
  • Decide what to put on hold or discard: As you focus on your wins, decide what you need to eliminate. If you want to showcase your business effectively, plug resource leaks by discarding or postponing things that are not working. For instance, if you continue with a sales strategy that isn’t working, it would be a waste of money and resources that could be put into marketing (www.trustedemployees.com).
  • Use video to reach your audience: Video along with video transcription service has emerged as a powerful medium to get consumers’ attention. A recent Forbes article brought together the recommendations of 13 professionals from Forbes Agency Council on how video can be used in marketing.
    The recommended video marketing strategies include:

    • Engaging category influencers
    • Posting personal videos that show how your brand can positively impact the consumer’s life
    • Answering a specific search query
    • Setting up weekly live-streamed podcasts
    • Using animation
    • Converting website case studies to video
    • Creating authentic videos offering insights, takeaways, and action items
    • Focusing on stories and not a sales pitch
    • Producing simple videos that contribute to your brand image
  • Leverage events to connect with your audience: Conducting or attending events will provide face-to-face access to your target audience. Different types of events can be used as marketing tools. Conferences and seminars are useful to educate people about a unique product or service. Speaking at an event can demonstrate your authority in your niche. Exhibitions offer a great opportunity to meet prospective customers face to face and showcase your brand.
  • Highlight the human side of your brand: This is important to make an emotional connect with your audience. There are many ways to do this (www.epower.com). Your About Us page can be a way to build a bond and trust with visitors. Also tell your customers about your team – the people who helped to successfully build your brand. Give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand on social media and share their thoughts and feedback. Post a video on your website that takes visitors inside your company and gives them an idea about how it operates. Consistent messaging about brand value across all platforms and delivering on all your promises can build brand loyalty.
  • Use social media effectively: Every business has to make its presence felt online. Used the right way, social media can be one of the best tools to showcase your business to the world. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are popular platforms for businesses. Be consistent in your messaging when you use multiple networking tools. Evaluate your social media strategy and see if there’s anything you can improve. Stay up to date with algorithmic updates.

When it comes to success, your business image matters a lot. So do what it takes to build and maintain your business’s credibility, both in the real world and online. Professional transcription services can ensure that marketing videos used to showcase your company are transcribed into the required format.

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