Using Transcription Services to Your Advantage While Working On Your Ph.D

by | Published on Oct 30, 2015 | Transcription Services

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Transcription ServicesGetting your Ph.D thesis in the right way is obviously a challenging task owing to the need for assimilation of voluminous research data and intense writing. Although you can utilize a limited part of any author’s research interpretation or hypothesis with proper knowledge, you must be very careful about plagiarism. You should read and understand the content, prepare clues and develop the hints in your own words. With thesis transcription involving conversion of audio files into text, you can overcome these challenges and present your thesis at the right time. Let’s take a detailed look into this.

Critical Elements of a Good Thesis Presentation

  • Innovative – You must present your thesis in an innovative dimension. It should not be a mere copy and paste of voluminous data, but clearly show the evidences that establish the scope of notion with positive or negative conclusion.
  • No Simple Addition or Fictitious Details – To avoid copy-pasting doesn’t mean simply rewriting and adding the existing research data. Whatever you add to your thesis should ascertain relevance with the context. You need to rewrite the developed sentence in such a way. Also, fictitious details do not add value to your thesis and you must justify a focused hypothesis.
  • Keep Up-to-Date with Research Literature – You should keep up-to-date with the essential and recent literatures pertinent to your thesis and reflect them in your writing. Conduct a meticulous literature review before preparing the thesis.
  • Comply with Standard Protocols – Your thesis should comply with the standard protocols used in the research work while the protocols must be based on well-established research data.
  • Justification – You must evaluate and discuss the underpinning reasons for the key research outcomes with supportive literatures.
  • Clean Language – There should not be any errors in grammar, vocabulary and style in your thesis. You should also use the punctuations perfectly to enhance the quality of your thesis.

Significance of Thesis Transcription

It is an arduous and time-consuming task for students and researchers to incorporate all the aforementioned critical elements into their thesis presentation. With transcription, you can convert the audio recordings of one-to-one interviews, speech, lectures and other data collected during the research study into standardized text ready for submission. Transcription services provide the service of skilled transcriptionists with thorough knowledge in the related field to analyze your data and transcribe it according to the correct context. Certain companies offer three level quality control process involving proofreaders and editors so that the transcribed data are thoroughly checked for errors to provide maximum accuracy. In short, this will significantly save your time and effort so that you can utilize your time for extra reading and other preparations.

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