Transcription is Vital for Media Professionals

by | Published on Dec 26, 2012 | Media Transcription

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Media plays an important role in our day-to-day lives and keeps us informed of what’s happening around us as well as globally. Media professionals gather and disseminate information skillfully and broadcast it through news, films, radio, TV shows, and so on. Media transcripts are necessary for reality television, post production scripts, B-roll footage, unedited rushes, podcast transcripts, and more.

This is where media transcription comes in. The process involves the verbatim transcription of video or audio tape recordings as well as of digital recordings such as WAV, AU, MP3, MP4, DSS, and other file formats.

An established transcription company with sufficient industry experience can provide transcripts in client-specific format. Trained and experienced transcriptionists can time code audio or video content, inserting time stamps at the beginning and at the end of the edit or sequencing for the time code to indicate each line of dialog with a time code at the start and end of each shot. They can provide subtitles and caption for wide variety of media files. All the completed transcripts are carefully proofread and verified for quality assurance to ensure the required level of accuracy.

Outsourcing media transcription to an established transcription company offers many benefits:

  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • Files transcribed in client-specific format
  • Complete workflow modules
  • Information security and confidentiality assured with 256 bit AES encryption for file transfer
  • As media is a 24×7 service, media transcripts are delivered customized turnaround time

A reliable transcription company can provides high quality media transcription service at competitive rates. The best way to make a decision about hiring the service is to go in for a free trial.

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