Transcribe Zoom Meetings with Business Transcription Services

by | Published on Oct 6, 2020 | Business Transcription

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Zoom Meetings

Meetings are essential for any business and many crucial decisions are made during the meeting that are important for the growth of the company. The agenda of a meeting could be project execution, financial planning, or some important strategies and news ideas may be discussed in a meeting. This necessitates meeting transcription so that you have a record of what the meeting was all about. With business transcription services, any business meeting audio or video can be accurately transcribed.

Business meetings need not be a setup where managers, employees and other staffs have to be physically present at the venue. With advanced technology and the internet, meetings can be virtual. Virtual meeting or online meeting is an event or series of events where participants join in from multiple locations by teleconference or video conference. Virtual meetings are cost-effective, save time and improve productivity.

Virtual meetings have become a necessity today with the outbreak of COVID-19. Many businesses, educational institutions, lawyers, doctors etc use virtual meeting platforms to connect with their clients or colleagues. There are several platforms available today that allow people to conduct meetings and Zoom is one of the most popular platforms. These online meetings can be transcribed into accurate notes for people to better understand the conversations, highlight the crucial parts of the meeting, and share the decisions taken among all team members. So, here are some tips on how to record and transcribe Zoom meetings.

Recording the Zoom meeting

Recording the Zoom meeting is simple. Once you have joined the Zoom meeting, all you have to do is click on the “RECORD” button from the menu and your meeting will be recorded. To stop the recording, click the “STOP” button or “PAUSE” button.

If you wish to record the meeting after enabling screen sharing, click on “MORE” button in the control menu and choose “RECORD” from the drop-down menu. To stop recording, you can go to “MORE” and choose “STOP RECORDING” from the drop-down menu. The recorded Zoom meetings are saved in mp4 format in your computer, or it can also be saved as cloud recording if you have that feature.

Transcribing the Recorded Meeting

There are many transcription tools and software available online, and you can choose any software to transcribe the meeting. You can also use premier Zoom transcription product, which is a paid software that lets you convert the recorded meeting into transcripts. Here is the step-by-step process to transcribe the meeting using

  • Select the “Transcription” box and choose “Get Started” button to begin the transcription process.
  • The next step is to upload your audio or video file by browsing to the file on your computer. Drag the file to ‘Upload Files’ box, or paste a link to the file.
  • The next step is to verify the length and estimate the delivery time. You can also upload more files at this point. It also provides time stamping option which is useful if the transcription is long and there are many speakers. The transcription provided by this transcription software is machine generated and it is only a rough draft.
  • After making your selection, the next step is to click on Checkout, make the payment and complete the order.

Reviewing the Transcription

The transcription generated by software or automated tools does not ensure accuracy. It is important therefore to review the transcript thoroughly to ensure accuracy. You can quickly read the transcript and play the recording to check if there are any errors. You can make necessary changes and then save the transcript in any required format.

Although there are many transcription tools and software available today, the ideal and the most convenient way to transcribe a recorded meeting is to hire a professional transcription vendor.

Meetings and conferences are essential events in any organization and it is important to take down vital points. But sometimes there are still chances of missing out some points. However, an audio recording of a meeting or recording will help you to understand what exactly happened during the meeting. Listening to a recording requires frequent rewinding and forwarding of the tape which can damage the tape; besides, listening to an audio requires patience and keen listening skills. The text version of a recording contains each and every point discussed in the meeting that users can find easily. These transcripts can also be distributed among the employees or to those who were not able to attend the meeting. To keep a tab on all important decisions taken in the meeting, consider hiring a business transcription service, that will record the meeting and transcribe it into accurate transcripts.

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