Tips to Record Minutes of Conference Call Meetings

by | Published on Dec 20, 2016 | Conference Call Transcription

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Conference Call MeetingConference calls help business speed up decision making. They are economical and save time and money, as you can conduct them in your home or office – without having to travel long distances. Meeting minutes are an important business record and conference call transcription ensures that the proceedings are available in written format. The key to getting effective transcripts of conference call meeting minutes is proper recording. Here are some valuable tips to record the event:

  •  Make sure that you are using proper equipment and that it is in good working order.
  • Plan the agenda. By developing an outline around the agenda, you can determine how much time to allocate to each item.
  • For archiving purposes, record the conference call in the standard MP3 format. This recording can also be distributed to those who could not be present at the meeting.
  • Make a list of the attendees and see that their names are spelt correctly. Also list the absentees and late comers. Link persons with their participation in the activities being discussed and keep track of any tasks or projects they are assigned.
  • Use a custom template to record conference call meeting minutes. Fill in standard information fields in advance – such as date and time of the meeting, its purpose, and chairperson’s name.
  • Decisions need to be clarified and noted before the meeting moves on to a new agenda item.
  • Don’t document proceedings verbatim. Listen carefully and pay attention to key information. Ensure that the minutes capture the essential information of the meeting such as the decisions made and assigned activities. Study the agenda and use it to prepare for the minutes relating to the issues up for discussion.
  • Action items and decisions need to be recorded as they happen. Anything ambiguous can be clarified later.
  • Organize your notes immediately after the meeting. Edit the text for clarity and check for errors and ambiguous phrases. Scrap irrelevant comments, and focus on key matters such as policy decisions, staffing changes, task assignments, and deadlines.

Minutes serve as written records, and it is crucial to ensure faithful transcripts. Conference call meeting minutes ensure that the important decisions and actions that follow from a meeting are recorded and preserved. A reliable audio transcription service provider can ensure professional records of the minutes of conference call meetings. The expert transcriptionists in an experienced company can convert MP3 files of conference calls into concise and accurate Word documents in the prescribed format.

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