Tips to Produce a Great Post-event Report

by | Published on Aug 23, 2016 | Transcription Services

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Post Event ReportWhether it’s a conference, seminar, meeting or social or cultural gathering, event recaps are as important as the event itself. Post-event reports provide documentation of what took place, help evaluate the event, and see if it met objectives. The reports can be used as a pointer for future discussions on the topic and supply information to the sponsors to justify their investment. Producing a timely and effective post-event report within two weeks of the event is important. Here are some tips to create a great event recap report:

  • No matter how busy you are, make time to write and bring out the report within 48 hours of the event. A fresh review will attract more readers.
  • Take good notes and also make audio/video recordings of the event. General transcription companies provide quality transcripts of the proceedings of meetings and conferences. Find a reliable service provider that can deliver customized transcripts to meet your deadlines.
  • To begin, organize your thoughts and prepare an outline of your post. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar at this stage. Once you have all the important points written down, you can build on them and compose a good final report. If the event had more than one sponsor, customize the report for each of them.
  • In addition to key points, include important statistics in your report that are relevant to the participants such as the objective of the event, location, number and categories of attendees, financial information, etc. Participants’ quotes can be included to provide contextual feedback. Don’t forget to acknowledge and thank the sponsors.
  • Once it is complete, proofread the report and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Publish your post and share it on your favorite social media channels. The event sponsor may be interested in posting it on their event news page or their preferred social media channels. In addition to the text, include photos, video or audio recordings as well as transcripts in the post. You can also opt to link to these resources. If the event has a photo pool or Tweet stream, you can reproduce the tags in the conference tweet stream or photo collection.
  • Collect extra material from the speaker or the press page and link to the materials in your post. A good strategy would be to search and Twitter using the event hashtag. This will lead you to other reports that you could to link to in your own event recap post.

Professional business transcription services are very useful when it comes to producing excellent and timely event wrap-up reports. Companies that provide these services have professional transcriptionists, experienced editors, proofreaders and subject experts. They can deliver quality transcripts of the audio and video recordings of the event in quick turnaround time. Whether you want verbatim transcripts that capture every word and expression of the speakers, or non-verbatim reports that are brief and exclude unnecessary utterances, a reliable meeting transcription company can deliver the goods. With a quality transcript, producing a quality report will become much easier.

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