Tips to Leverage the Power of Influencer Video Marketing

by | Published on Aug 10, 2018 | Media Transcription

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An exciting trend, influencer videos have taken the online marketing arena by storm. Video marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach out to their audience. With video transcription service providers providing quality transcripts and captions, video content ensures greater visibility in online search and attracts a wider audience. Today, many entrepreneurs are combining video marketing with influencer marketing to boost their sales campaign. It’s no secret that Fashion Nova, Zara, KKW Beauty and H&M became top fashion brands using influencer videos.

Video Marketing

Considered thought-leaders and experts in their respective industries, influencers use their voice to build a company’s credibility and increase customer engagement. Influencers are people who understand the brand they promote and its products and services. They use their knowledge and experiences in the field to promote the business by influencing people in their decisions and make them feel confident in their choices. Influencer marketing can result in real recommendations and real leads from real people that love the company’s product or service.

To quote a article, a recent Forrester report says that “incorporating everyday influencers into targeting and optimization logic can help brands with digital advertising strategies, brand positioning, and increase prospect to conversion rates”.

Using influencers has become part of the marketing strategy of many brands. According to a report, online store Fashion Nova works with 3,000 to 5,000 influencers, including celebrity influencers like Kylie Jenner who has 93.8 million followers on Instagram. Kylie has earned millions of engagements, likes, and comments for the company. Top brands like Amazon, Gucci, Lenovo, and Sprint are also using influencer marketing successfully. With Amazon, influencers on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram get their own storefront and receive a commission on every purchase made on their store. This helps the ecommerce giant to drives more sales while only paying commissions for conversions and not simply customer engagement. Gucci’s chic influencer marketing campaign involves roping in popular Instagram socialites to wear and showcase their latest products via everyday photos.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a big brand to use influencer marketing. According to a Forbes article, small businesses can leverage YouTube advertising by partnering with an influencer. The influencer should be a person who:

  • Shows interest in your industry
  • Posts content regularly
  • Gets good interaction on their videos
  • Have a commendable like to dislike ratio for their sponsored videos

When choosing influencers, a report says that businesses should consider the following factors:

  • Reach: the size of their social community across digital channels such as blogs, social media, etc.
  • Relevance: the frequency with which they reference topics and keywords that align with the respective business or describe the industry
  • Resonance: if people are engaging with the content the influencer creates
  • Reference: if the influencer is referenced by other influencers and if the other influencers that the business uses are sharing and retweeting this influencer’s content

To find an influencer in your area of expertise, first do a search engine query. Then do hashtag searches on the social media sites where you want your product to be featured. If have trouble finding an influencer yourself, approach a B2B company that match brands with influencers. The influencers you choose should be willing to market your brand and have an audience that is relevant to your product. Make sure you choose influencers who present well on camera so that your videos will look professional.

Come to influencer videos, there are various formats which differ based on content type and audience. Here are the four most commonly used video types in influence marketing – unboxing videos, haul videos, vlog videos, and creative videos.

In an unboxing video, the influencer will be been seen opening a package, displaying the product with multiple parts, and saying a few words about it. This type of influencer video is popular to talk about food, electronics, toys, and games. Haul videos are similar to unboxing videos but feature a group of products along with a commentary on each item. Haul videos are ideal for tech, gaming brands, décor, and brands that want to showcase a range of products. A vlog or video blog is a blog that features video content. Vloggers make their own first-person videos where they speak directly into the camera to share their day or thoughts on a particular topic. Video vlogs can be either live-streamed or pre-recorded and uploaded. Vlogging is a good option for any type of product or service. Creative or storyline videos range from short films to web series to music/dance videos. They use a storyline or artistic performance to showcase a brand. Creative videos are ideal for launching a product and creating awareness about a brand.

Today’s customers expect businesses to be reliable, transparent, and focused on giving back to society. Influencer marketing is all about telling your audience interesting stories that prove how great your brand is. Success with influencer marketing depends on working with an individual who is passionate about your product or service and can connect with your target customers. A digital transcription company can support your efforts with quality transcripts and captions that will help your videos get discovered and garner more views.

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