Tips To Get through an Interview Successfully

by | Published on Sep 13, 2019 | Business Transcription

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The main aim of conducting an interview is to hire the most eligible candidate. The interview is typically conducted by one or two people from the organization. Depending on the role, interviews may be followed by a second interview. Performing well at these interviews is the key to get through the selection process. Job interviews are usually recorded and transcribed into documents with the help of a business transcription company so that the interview board can verify each individual’s performance carefully and choose the right candidate.

Job Interview

So here are some tips that help you in the interview process:

  • Press, recent work, employees, social and story:
    • Press: Be up to date about latest news. Check relevant publications and other verticals. This will help you to have an insightful conversation.
    • Recent Work: Have an understanding about the organization’s recent and historic work, any awards won, etc. Have a brief idea about the work that you are going to take up.
    • Employees: Make an effort to know everybody you will meet during the interview. Study the work that they have done, how long they have been in the company, etc.
    • Social: Take a look at the social profile of the company and the top officials. This will give you a better sense of the agency’s culture, programs and even how employees dress in the office.
    • Story: Know the aims and objectives of the organization and spend time identifying what differentiates them. It’s important you connect with the company’s values and foundations.
  • Describe yourself well: The most common question that a candidate face in interview is: “tell us about yourself” or “describe yourself”. This is to understand what drive or motivates you. Sharing your passions with your interviewer will help establish a personal connection. So make sure that you prepare yourself to face this question. Ask yourself what your strengths and weakness are before you face the board.
  • Prepare your responses: To get an idea about their behaviour, candidates are often asked open-ended questions during the meeting. Here are some of the questions that you should prepare yourself for

To understand your passion for your work:

    • Describe a problem that you solved
    • Tell us about something you’ve done, read or seen outside of work that you thought was really interesting

To know how you connect with others:

    • Explain about your favourite experience working with a team. What was your role and how did you help the team work effectively together?
    • Tell us about peers you worked with and what it was about their approach that made it a great relationship

To understand your drive and creativity when you face a challenge:

    • Share a situation where you were asked to do something that you had never done before.
    • Tell me about an obstacle you’ve run into that you had to try different approaches to solve.

Interviews help hiring managers understand each candidate’s unique perspectives. A digital transcription service company can convert interviews into text format. The service is provided by trained and experienced transcriptionists. They are well-equipped to provide accurate documentation solutions in quick turnaround time.

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