Tips to Effectively Present Your Business Proposals to Your Clients

by | Published on Mar 7, 2017 | Business Transcription

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Tips To Effective Business ProposalAs a provider of business transcription services to many organizations, we often transcribe business meetings for our clients and are aware of the importance of client meetings. In any business meeting, it is vital to focus on how you communicate with clients because it will help build up a network of clients who will support you and partner with you. So, what are the important things to consider when meeting with a client?

  • Customize your message: It is very easy to tell your clients what you think but it is important to think carefully before you say anything. Make sure that you tell the clients only what they need to hear, and the focus must be on them rather than you.
  • Make sure that the message is relevant: Whatever you discuss with the client must be relevant to them. For instance, if you have solved a challenge the client is facing, tell them that and illustrate the same with examples.
  • Provide assurance and evidence: You may be proposing something, or implementing a change. In such instances, if you can present evidence as regards improved productivity, increased sales, extended social media reach or increased social media reach, it will be good.
  • Show that you have the expertise required: Majority of the clients will expect a certain level of expertise from you if they are to make investments. So if you have in mind a better way, or a different approach that hasn’t been considered yet, then offer the suggestion. Make sure that you don’t sound forceful.
  • Understand relationships and stop promoting yourself: What if you are working with a person who is answerable to stakeholders, other business partners or a board? Understand how you can support them with such relationships. Your client’s primary objective may be to address some specific challenge. But the board to whom he/she is answerable may have other objectives such as a focus on compliance, or value for money. In such instances you will have to prove that you can address both requirements efficiently. To ensure profit and superior quality outcomes, you will have to build up trust and credibility with your clients. The client should feel that you prioritize their needs over their own.

As a legal transcription company with long-term experience in the field of business transcription and other transcription areas, we know that it is important not to discourage potential clients from partnering with you. Follow the above tips to ensure that you present your proposals effectively to clients and enjoy business growth.

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