Smart Tools are Simplifying Deposition Transcript Review

by | Published on Apr 30, 2019 | Digital Transcription

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Depositions are an important part of the pre-trial discovery process. Attorneys hold these pretrial question-and-answer sessions under oath to determine specific facts, gather evidence, obtain admissions from the other party for use at trial, and/or attain a preview of the opposing party’s arguments or strategies. Digital transcription services are available to ensure accurate and user-friendly deposition transcripts at the trial.
Smart Tools are Simplifying Deposition Transcript Review
Attorneys must plan meticulously for depositions they are taking or defending. Reviewing and analyzing depositions is crucial for correcting typos and making other changes. Outsourcing deposition transcription to an experienced legal transcription company can minimize typos and omissions and ensure well-formatted transcripts, but review by the attorney is still important to identify any flaws before the trial.

The errata sheet process is about ensuring accuracy and not changing the substance of the deposition. However, in some cases, deponents may make substantive changes to their testimony during the transcript review process. However, such changes will be subject to careful scrutiny and contradictory statements could prove problematic for them.

Deposition transcripts also allow attorneys to analyze the testimony and identify information that can be used during trial. Voluminous depositions are summarized in advance of trial which enables attorneys to locate information and exhibits essential to the case quickly and easily.

Today, smart tools are making deposition review easier. Convenient and economical cloud-based tools allow lawyers to review, analyze and mark up deposition transcripts using internet-connected devices. Here are the top technologies that have transformed deposition-related tasks:

  • DepoView for iPad: DepoView for iPadThis easy to use deposition review and management tool allows users to import their depositions to the DepoView app, search important segments and mine key testimony from video testimony. Attorneys can review, edit, or create video clips while away from the office. Single segment or multi-segment clips can be created and shared with others via email. Other features:
    • Create and manage multiple case folders
    • Easily navigate depositions by page, by keyword search or by tapping on any portion of the transcript
    • Compatible with TrialDirector, LiveNote and Summation
  • TranscriptPad: TranscriptPad is designed specifically for deposition review/ It can quickly import deposition transcripts (.txt) and exhibits (.pdf) via email, Dropbox, or iTunes. It allows users to
    • Read and review transcripts anytime, anywhere, and also reference exhibits at the same time
    • Search for a word or phrase in the depo transcript and the app will highlight where it appears
    •  TranscriptPad
    • Do a simple search for references based on case, witness, or deposition
    • Search within a single depo or all the depos in a given case
    • Create color-coded designations, flag or email critical sections, and generate reports
    • Print or email detailed or summary reports
    • Send an entire case folder with all their noted issue codes and exhibits from an iPad to another TranscriptPad user

According to the ABA Journal, the highlights of TranscriptPad apart are its robust feature set and its longevity.

  • WarRoom:WarRoom WarRoom is a cloud-based software program that is accessible from all internet-enabled devices. It offers both mobile and desktop compatibility which simplifies moving documents between devices. Key features include:
    • allows users to set up an unlimited number of “Binders” where they can organize documents
    • provides a simple yet effective document viewer where users can view the native file, or a rendered image of the file.
    • Tracks actions such as document views, coding, and adding annotations
    • connects the team working on a particular case by sending them an electronic invite
    • WarRoom can be used on any type of PC or mobile device
  • Mobile Transcript:Mobile Transcript This app allows users to review deposition and court transcripts optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. Other features:
    • Highlights key testimony and objections
    • E-mail selected points (in either Excel or PDF format) to associates or expert witnesses
    • Once a transcript is uploaded to the app, the user can work with the transcript even without an internet connection
    • Allows viewing of deposition exhibits and other case files in PDF linked to the interactive Mobile Transcript file.
    • Logs the user’s billable time

This app does not allow annotating or marking up transcripts.

Advanced technology is helping law firms become more efficient and productive. Outsourcing their administrative and back office functions is also helping legal professionals focus on their core tasks. Busy lawyers outsource legal transcription to get their dictation converted into error-free text documents. With an expert workforce using the latest technology, reliable outsourcing companies provide cost-effective legal transcription services to ensure error-free documentation of depositions, court proceedings, interrogations, and more.

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