Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital Transcription

by | Published on Dec 27, 2012 | Digital Transcription

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Outsourcing the transcription tasks of your legal practice to a legal transcription company helps save time and money. Once you’ve made the outsourcing decision, you have to choose your mode of dictation – phone-in or digital. With phone-in, you call the toll-free number given to you by the company and dictate. Digital transcription involves dictating into a digital voice recorder and uploading the audio files on to the computer. These files can be either sent to the service provider via encrypted e-mailed or uploaded on an FTP server for access by the service provider’s transcription team.

Digital transcription systems use world class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Here are six reasons why digital transcription is fast becoming the preferred option:

  • High quality voice recording and sound quality permit accurate transcription
  • A digital recorder is handy
  • Features unlimited recording capacity
  • Permits easy editing
  • Can prioritize, time stamp, and classify dictations
  • Allows integrated workflow management

Ensuring better speed and optimum capacity utilization, digital transcription is definitely the right choice for legal professionals looking for high quality transcription solutions.  Some established legal transcription companies even offer a high quality digital recorder free of cost for volume transcription.

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