Six Industries That Use Transcription Services

by | Published on Apr 29, 2022 | Transcription Services

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Six Industries That Use Transcription Services

General transcription services are used in various industries to convert video or audio content into text, either verbatim or non-verbatim. Transcription, which can be done using software or by human transcriptionists, presents a unique opportunity for businesses to get ahead by offering them the tools to communicate in ways that work best for them. Whether it’s an interview or a live webinar, the transcription helps to put content into the hands of today’s audience. Transcription services are categorized into general, medical, and legal. It is important that the transcription is done accurately because a small error could change the meaning and context of the entire transcript. This could have a negative impact on the business’s reputation, and in healthcare, such mistakes could prove fatal to patients. Automated transcription could be more error-prone whereas a professional transcriptionist can ensure maximum accuracy.

As such, it is important to understand how transcription is used in different industries. Let us see how some of the industries use transcription services:

  • Academic Institutions: Academic institutions need accurate data and any error in the data can compromise the results of any scientific methods. Data is important for academic researchers and students. Any wrong data in research findings or publications can propagate misinformation and misguide students. When data is in the form of audio or video content, it needs to be converted into text for it to be usable. This is where academic transcription services come into play. Transcribing audio and video recordings help to preserve observations and interviews for scientific papers. With a high accuracy rate, these services can help you convert your recorded speech into text format within minutes. If you need it done faster, then you can opt for express or even real-time transcription services
  • Podcasters, Marketers and YouTubers: For Podcasters, YouTubers and Marketers, transcription is vital because it plays a major role in Google Search. Transcripts provide SEO benefits, and also help websites rank higher on the search engine results page. Having transcripts helps improve discoverability, enhances user experience, shareability and helps you get backlinks, and also helps repurpose your existing content.
  • Healthcare: Medical transcription allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to create detailed records of patient encounters without having to waste an enormous amount of time on manual note-taking. By converting audio recordings of patient visits into written form, medical transcriptionists can help physicians focus on providing care rather than preparing the transcripts.
  • Legal: Lawyers often record interviews with witnesses, clients, and suspects for future reference. These might include discussions about specific cases or important details about new legal developments that could have an impact on a case. Transcription services enable attorneys to convert these recordings into easily searchable documents so they can quickly find the information they need when they need it.
  • Mass Communication: Every year, thousands of interviews are conducted by news agencies and media houses, and they employ in-house transcribers to help them with their work or hire freelance transcribers to help complete tasks faster. Video producers, filmmakers or journalists also use transcription services to transcribe their videos for captions or translations.
  • Market Research and Consulting Firms: These entities have to conduct formal interviews of various business products and services. These interviews are typically recorded and transcribed later using in-house or outsourced transcriptionists. Accurate transcripts add to the value of qualitative interviews. Market research and consulting firms can benefit from the services of a good transcription company that can provide accurate and clear records of the participants’ exact responses

Transcription is becoming increasingly popular in different industries, and businesses seek to leverage the benefits of general transcription services. When it comes to transcribing your business meetings or lectures, you might be tempted to do it yourself. However, the benefits of using a general transcription service far outweigh in-housing transcription or doing it yourself. For businesses that need to transcribe large volume audio or video files, outsourcing is a great solution. Not only does it save time, but it also ensures that all files are properly transcribed and formatted so there are no errors. With the help of transcription, anyone can access any data or information from anywhere at any time. Outsourcing to a transcription service provider allows you to have your files professionally transcribed at an affordable rate and they also proofread documents to ensure several levels of quality control. Transcription service providers also deliver the work within a short period of time

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