Significance of Transcribing Your Audio Recordings

by | Last updated Apr 3, 2023 | Published on Dec 2, 2016 | Audio Transcription

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Transcribing Audio RecordingsEvery business has to maintain textual records of all their audio as well as video recordings of important events, discussions, meetings, conferences and all other business interactions, which is usually managed well with the support of general transcription companies. Before the advent of modern technology and advanced office equipment, transcribing audio was a collaborative process between speakers and the individual who recorded their words. This process is not a very reliable one as it may involve frequent repetitions and errors and sometimes unfinished materials due to time constraints. But today with advanced equipment and software, audio and video recordings can be transcribed into any desired format.

Why Audio Transcription Is Important

Transcription is now widely used in various industry sectors including media, law, IT, healthcare, construction, education, entertainment etc.

  • Audio transcription is very important in that it helps in generating a clear, written record of important events and also provides machine-readable information for distribution on the internet.
  • Audio material can be accessed only with technological equipment. Therefore, when the audio materials are available in text format, it increases the audience base with more people accessing the text material.
  • Businesses need to maintain accurate records of all its communications to avoid lawsuits and disputes, and this can be efficiently done by utilizing legal transcription services.
  • Transcription of audio recordings is a great help for hearing impaired individuals.
  • When a complete transcription of the audio content or a detailed Meta tag entry is included along with the audio files, search engine algorithms can properly index the material and improve traffic to the business website.

It makes sense to partner with a good transcription service provider because businesses may not have a dedicated staff member available to type out the proceedings or take down notes during a meeting, conference or other event.

Transcription with Mobile Transcription Apps

General transcription companies now provide mobile apps that can be downloaded to your mobile smartphone. Using such a mobile app, you can record audio and submit it to be transcribed on-the-go. These apps are beneficial for students and researchers, as well as business employees because they offer easy voice to text transcription. The transcripts generated can be sent out via email, posted to social media sites, or copy-pasted to any other application. The transcripts can also be saved for use later on.

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