Significance of Panel Discussions and Their Transcription

by | Published on Oct 16, 2015 | Business Transcription

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Panel DiscussionsA panel discussion involves a small group of people with specialist knowledge discussing a topic of public interest, guided by a moderator. The discussions are typically conducted in an informal way, often before an audience. The format of a panel discussion usually includes volunteering facts, stating opinions, and questions and answers. The panelists field questions from the moderator and audience. Many organizations conduct panel discussions as part of their business conferences and document crucial details via business transcription for future reference.

Many significant points, observations and opinions are made in a panel discussion and a lot of valuable information is generated. This information will provide valuable insights into the future of your business and assist you in decision-making. By recording and transcribing panel discussions, you can reap further benefits. The panel discussion transcripts will provide you with all the required information to make strategic business moves, even years later. The other major benefits of panel discussion transcription are as follows:

  • With a complete transcript, your staffs need not spend time taking down notes during the discussion and can engage in other crucial jobs to increase your productivity. Transcripts also ensure that the audience does not miss any information conveyed or shared during the discussion.
  • The transcript will allow the people having hearing impairment as well as those who miss the discussion to access the information.
  • ou can post excerpts of the discussion to your website and improve your SEO efforts to attract more customers.
  • You can easily prepare a list of key points out of the transcripts and distribute to relevant people.
  • The transcripts will help you to thoroughly evaluate the discussion and create a document to promote your discussion.

However, accurate transcription requires good quality audio and help from skilled and experienced transcriptionists. When recording a panel discussion, place a microphone in front of each speaker. It can be a clip-on lavalier mic, or a handheld mic placed on an adjustable stand. If it is not practical to provide mic with every speaker, you can provide mics for half of panelist and allow moderator to share the mic with others. Whatever approach you take, make sure that the audio will be clear and transcriptionist will be able to distinguish who is speaking. It is better to video record your event, provided with appropriate positioning of camera that allows to see the face of each person.

Consider obtaining support from a reliable transcription service provider to reduce your transcription workload. Experienced companies offer three level quality assurance process involving proofreaders and editors, which can help you generate more accurate transcripts.

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