Significance of Focus Group Transcription

by | Published on Apr 9, 2013 | Focus Group Transcription

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Focus groups are crucial for any market research. Focus groups discuss various business subjects including current and future market trends. With a well-informed group, these discussions provide useful information about market conditions. The documentation of these discussions is necessary to measure and evaluate the market trends.  This is where focus group transcription service comes in.

  • When a discussion is in progress, it’s impossible to take notes on everything that was said. The focus group transcript helps the researcher to go back to the discussion and evaluate and analyze the important points.
  • A focus group transcript provides credibility to the research. The researcher can show clients that the findings reported are indeed true. The researcher can easily convince them by referring to the transcripts.
  • Listening to the focus group discussion and trying to understand the gist of what is being said is not easy. Conversation may overlap when participants interrupt each other which make the dialogue unclear. It is difficult to identify who is speaking. However, professional transcripts of focus group discussions eliminate all these problems.
  • The professional transcription company can convert audio recordings of focus group into transcripts in minimum turnaround time. Their teams of professional transcriptionists can decipher any accents and even distinguish fuzzy, unclear and cracked voices efficiently.

Focus group research is easily susceptible to errors and the researcher can easily end up with wrong conclusions. To avoid such issues, it is important to outsource focus group transcription to a professional transcription company. Reliable service providers can offer accurate, time-stamped transcripts at affordable rates in custom turnaround time.

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