Report by Ranconteur: Legal Process Outsourcing Now an Innovative Business Model

by | Published on Aug 5, 2016 | Legal Process Outsourcing

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Legal Process Outsourcing Business ModelMore and more legal firms are relying on legal process outsourcing to streamline their tasks, save time, ensure operational efficiency, and cut costs. The comprehensive solutions that outsourcing companies provide include everything from mailroom and copy, document processing, records management to legal coding and research, finance and accounting, and data entry. According to Raconteur, a leading publisher of current affairs and special reports on business, finance, tech and healthcare, legal process outsourcing is “an innovative business model which law firms and in-house corporate teams should embrace”. Legal transcription services are the most vivid example of the benefits that outsourcing can offer.

Legal Transcription Outsourcing to Serve Clients Better

One of the principal strategies that lawyers use to handle the time crunch is dictation. Used the right way, dictation helps these busy professionals to save time and organize their thoughts as they get through their core tasks. They use dictation to draft simple documents and condense lengthy meetings into usable transcripts. The evolution of smartphones, voice recognition software and digital dictation has brought new dimensions to traditional methods.

Transcription can be done in-house. However, this would require hiring administrative assistants or transcriptionists as well as purchase of software and some equipment. For small practices with limited staff with limited space and other constraints, this can be a difficult proposition. Many lawyers are finding that outsourcing is the way to go.

To meet the needs of their customers, legal transcription service providers combine smart technology and harness the skills of legal process experts to deliver timely and accurate transcripts of arbitrations, briefs, depositions, court proceedings, general correspondence, interviews, pleadings, police interrogations, and more.

Collaborating with the right outsourcing service provider will allow lawyers to ensure client satisfaction. According to the Raconteur report, this is crucial, as today, “clients have become more focused on driving value from their law firms and will often not tolerate anything less than the optimal (or at least creative) way of delivering services”.

The Right Service Provider to Get More For Less

The right outsourcing transcription service provider would be highly focused on delivering accurate, secure, and cost-effective solutions in quick turnaround time. In fact, partnering with the right company would help lawyers achieve more for less. Benefits include:

  • Professional support to maintain error-free legal records
  • Savings on resources need to train and maintain an in-house transcription team
  • Technologically advanced solutions
  • Effective electronic document management including archiving
  • Easy and fast retrieval of information
  • Rapid updating of legal records
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Confidentiality of data

As with any other business, legal firms too need to move with the times and technology or be left behind. And outsourcing offers the answer.

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