Medicaid Scam Revealed After Attorney General Investigation

by | Published on May 6, 2016 | Legal Process Outsourcing

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Medicaid FraudEffective legal transcription outsourcing to an experienced service provider can help attorneys deal with tricky cases more effectively. This ensures that all recordings connected with the litigation and court proceedings are transcribed accurately and promptly. Lawyers representing both victims and the alleged perpetrators in the identification, investigation and litigation of fraud claims – insurance fraud, accounting fraud, securities fraud, investment fraud and bank fraud – can benefit from this service.  In a typical civil litigation procedure, four basic stages are involved: investigation and pleadings, discovery, motion practice and negotiation, and trial and appeal. Legal transcription services can prove to be a great support during these stages.

In a recent case of Medicaid fraud, eight anesthesia providers in Colorado have had to repay over $3 million in total in Medicaid billings. They were accused of double-billing as well as billing for undocumented services. This fraud was ruled to be an unintentional one, because of which there were no criminal charges filed or any fines levied.

Billing Issue Causes Miscoding to Be Revealed

The investigation began when a billing issue resulted in a review being carried out, which raised suspicion. The issues were then researched and identified, and were believed to be miscoded unintentionally since there are many reasons that could be behind this. This investigation by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney General lasted for 18 months.

The epidural anesthesia providers were ruled to have violated state law as well as Medicaid rules, but this has been considered to be the result of the regulatory complexities in the present healthcare environment, though it cannot be justified. The anesthesia providers were found to have multi-unit billed for undocumented services and double billed for the same service.

Court Proceedings Transcription Helps

In cases such as this, there would be plenty of court proceedings to record and transcribe. There would also be proceedings outside the court such as deposition hearings and law office discussions that must be transcribed. As you know, these are sessions where crucial data is exchanged between the client and the attorney. This information could make all the difference in the outcome of the litigation.

That’s where outsourcing legal transcription is beneficial; to ensure all the data involved here is transcribed efficiently so nothing gets left out. Whatever be the communication session, such as a deposition or law office discussion, or a court proceeding involved, your law office staff only needs to get it recorded and sent to the transcription provider by mail or the secure digital file uploading option provided by the transcription company.

Advanced transcription companies provide the FTP which enables you to even suggest last minute changes to the file and view the stage of transcription in which your file is. The FTP also helps you receive the file easily following the transcription. For busy attorneys this is just what the doctor ordered. Legal process outsourcing helps them concentrate on the nuances and finer elements of the litigation, and it was those finer elements that brought this fraud to light.

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