Leveraging Audio and Video Transcription to Boost Content Marketing

by | Published on Jul 9, 2021 | Audio Transcription

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Audio and Video Transcription

Multimedia content such as video, audio, podcasts, and narrated slideshows, are increasingly being used for content marketing. Digital transcription service providers can ensure that audio and video content come with accurate transcripts that improve accessibility to the information. Search engines cannot crawl through video content directly, but they can crawl the text. Transcripts make the content searchable.

Video and Podcast transcription – Boost Online Visibility

Video transcription can be a big support for content marketing. Adding a transcript to the marketing video can improve the ranking of your video page. You can use quotes from the text for your social media campaign. Transcripts are a good source of content for blogs, eBooks, and whitepapers that can be optimized with the right keywords to boost online visibility.

Targeted keywords can be included in titles and subtitles and the content can be linked to other relevant pages on your site. Including subtitles on videos are also a great tactic to increase engagement with the content. Transcription is an important parameter you can use with video schema markup. With a short description of the video, the transcript can be used to provide more information without concerns about the character limit.

Starting 2019, Google began indexing podcasts. Similar to video transcripts, optimizing podcast transcription can also boost your content marketing. A podcast transcription service can ensure accurate audio to text conversion. Make sure it is edited and that the text and speaker transitions are correct.

Before recording your podcast, consider topics and keywords your potential audience may be interested in before recording. Just as with other types of content, you need to make a list of the keywords you want your podcast to rank for. Then optimize your transcript with the right keywords to inform Google that your podcast relates to what users are looking for. This will increases the chances of your podcast showing up in search results.

There are many ways podcasting content can be used for content marketing: creating blogs and social posts and using transcripts to boost their visibility, writing case studies and Ebooks, integrating an audio clip in blog posts, and creating and sharing podcast audiograms on social media. When it comes to optimizing podcasts, a 2019 Search Engine Journal article says it’s important that the podcast host has a strong podcast voice.

While Google’s NLP capabilities can find verbalized keywords, a strong podcast voice will allow Google to understand the maximum number of keywords and phrases in the conversation. The article recommends speaking from the gut and not from the throat.

Transcription – Multiple Benefits for Content Marketing

Including transcripts with videos and podcasts offers multiple benefits for content marketing:

  • Increases Engagement with your Brand: To increase engagement with your brand, you need to cater to different audiences with varying preferences. Providing video and podcast transcripts is a bonus for your customer. Reading the text will help them get to know your brand better and encourage them to visit other pages of your site. Transcripts make referencing easy for customers.
  • Conveys Message Effectively: With a transcript, video content becomes easier to consume. They don’t have to watch the whole video to find the information they want. People can go through the text and find it quickly.
  • Promotes Advertising Efforts: Many businesses use AdSense or other forms of contextual advertising. In contextual advertising ads delivered are targeted to your content or audience using factors such as keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, and the overall link structure of the web, in order to determine what a webpage is about and precisely match Google ads to each page. Rather than posting only videos, posting the transcripts below the video will allow search engines to identify the correct search terms and post the most relevant advertisements.
  • Promote Affiliates: Permit affiliates to use your video transcripts as PLR (private label rights). If you are promoting a product or service that your associates are providing, permitting them to use the transcripts can help increase their revenue.
  • Create Books: If you have a series of videos, you can add content to the transcripts and create books for sale. Including affiliate links and other offers in the book can increase income.
  • Accessibility: For videos, accessibility is especially important as it allows people of all abilities to connect with and enjoy video content. Accessibility is the key to more video views, greater audience engagement, and longer view times. Transcripts help people who have difficulty watching or hearing video and are great for those with disabilities who just want relevant information. A speaker’s accent or the language in which the video was created may pose barriers to comprehension, and transcripts overcome this problem.
  • Preferred by Screen Reader Users: With transcripts, multimedia content becomes searchable by search engines and users. As most adept screen reader users set their assistive technology to read at a much faster rate than natural human speech, screen reader users also tend to prefer a transcript over real-time audio.

By including transcripts with videos and podcasts, businesses can get their content indexed by search engine bots, improve search engine ranking, and boost customer satisfaction by taking their preferences into account. Revenue growth is tied to customer engagement.

Digital transcription agencies can provide accurate and timely podcasts of videos and podcasts that, when repurposed the right way, can increase customer engagement and business growth and revenue.

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