Key Tips from 7 Experts to Help Managers Engage Better with Their Employees

by | Published on Dec 20, 2019 | Business Transcription

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Experts to Help Managers Engage Better with Their Employees

No business managers can work alone, they are dependent on fellow employees to work efficiently and contribute towards achieving organizational goals. Managers often schedule a certain time period for each employee depending on the project. They also hold regular meetings to interact with employees and also obtain their feedback. Business managers can seek the assistance of digital transcription agencies to transcribe meetings, content, podcasts etc to save time and stay organized. Managers deal with various activities like team management, administrative tasks, client projects etc and to ensure growth of the business, managers should also focus on employee productivity.

Each individual performs his or her job as per the requirements. But the collective effort of everyone is what companies want to achieve their business goals. Therefore, business managers should focus on each and every employee. So, here are some key tips from seven entrepreneurs to make time for your employees:

  • Set a time apart for your employees: All employees are working towards achieving the same organizational goals, therefore it is important for managers to give time for each and every employee. Set blocks of time everyday for employees to reach managers easily. This allows both managers and employees to focus on the project completely. – Aristotle by CEO and co-founder Adrien Schmidt.
  • Conduct weekly meetings: Conduct regular meetings with employees to monitor the progress of each employee. This time can be used as an open forum to exchange ideas and address employee issues. Kristin Kimberly Marquet, founder of Fem Founder suggests that a good manager should keep the doors open for employees and be available for them for private chats to solve either personal or professional issues.
  • Use instant messaging platforms: Having an instant messaging platform helps employees to approach managers easily. Instant messaging platforms like Slack makes managers accessible at any time. Angela Ruth, customer experience rep with Calendar, says that managers who do not check mails frequently can benefit greatly from instant messaging platforms. It helps managers to respond quickly and guide employees so that they can get back to work quickly.
  • Chart out a problem severity table: WPBeginner co-founder Syed Balkhi suggests that a problem severity chart that includes all types of organizational issues can be designed for employees. Under the low-level issues, mention the name of the supervisor that they should contact in case they have any doubts. If your employees reach the red zone, ask them to feel free to approach the manager any time.
  • Plan team lunches: Spend quality time with your employees to encourage bonding. According to Bryce Welker, CEO of Crush the CPA Exam, it is the most effective method to focus on important tasks as well as keep constant communication with the rest of the team. Arranging a lunch party allows managers and employees to interact well and also enjoy a stress-free meal.
  • Manage perception: According to Diego Or juela, CEO of Cables and Sensors, a busy manager is not a good manager. Even though a manager has a hectic schedule, he or she should be able to manage perception because your team needs to know they can rely on you even when under pressure. If employees do not get a feeling of security from their managers then it will defeat the very purpose of managing.
  • Allow for exceptions: While it’s important to create clear rules and schedules to avoid disruption, it’s also important to allow for exceptions. According to In Charged CEO Jessica Gonzalez, building trust and understanding with your team is important and this ensures that they feel comfortable interrupting if it’s something important.

The success of a business depends on the satisfaction of the employees. Managers should spend more time with employees and thereby improve employee engagement, productivity and overall efficiency. To make business meetings more rewarding and well-documented, managers can approach a reliable online transcription company that would transcribe all important meetings.

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