Job Interview Etiquette Tips to Know to Impress Your Hiring Team

by | Published on Jul 24, 2018 | Interview Transcription

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The interview is an important step in the process of recruiting as it helps the interviewer to identify the best talent for their organization. To make the process of recruiting easier, interviewers can hire a provider of interview transcription services to transcribe the interview recording into accurate notes. This helps the interviewer to refer to the transcripts at a later stage and have a better understanding of the candidates. The process of interview acts a bridge between the interviewer and interviewee and proper communication helps the interviewee to be comfortable and perform better. For any interview, appearance plays a crucial role because “first impression is the best impression”.

Job Interview

So, consider the following etiquette when attending an interview.

  • Practice is important: No matter whether you are going for the post of an assistant or manager, there are some obvious questions that you may be asked such as why you want this job; or what are your strengths and weaknesses etc. So, practice answering these common questions in front of a mirror or with a friend to gain confidence.
  • Be early to the venue: Interviews can be stressful, so reach the venue as early as possible to prevent any kind of last minute rush. Reaching early gives extra time to freshen up and understand the company’s work environment etc.
  • Watch your body language: Candidates often become nervous at the time of interview but may not show it externally. Make yourself comfortable and watch your body language. Sitting with arms folded shows that you are defensive, picking your nose reflects poor manners or ignorance regarding the proper way to act in social situations. Sit straight, look straight into the eyes of the interviewer; and if there is more than one interviewer then look at everyone while giving answers. This shows that you are confident, calm and professional.
  • Research about the company: Have a clear idea about the company; go through their website and research about their CEO and company’s growth over the years. During the interview, try to convey your knowledge regarding the company and mention their success and achievements. This will show them your interest in the organization and the job.
  • Be natural and well-dressed: Dress in formal clothes and use neutral make-up. Do not wear party attire to an interview. Knee-length skirt and shirt is a good dress code for women; and trousers with subtle color shirts for men. Look professional and stay away from any trendy look. Make sure your nails are trimmed and clean.
  • Ask the interviewer some questions: An interview is not just a platform for the interviewer to ask questions to the candidate, an interviewee can also ask questions to clarify his/her doubts. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the type of work and work culture or when to expect the results of an interview etc. It shows your interest in the prospective job.
  • Accept the water or coffee they offer: Candidates are often confused about whether to accept the water or coffee they are served during an interview. Accepting a cup of water or any beverage will make you comfortable. It also shows that you appreciate their hospitality; you are comfortable and also confident in yourself. It also helps to establish a social dynamic and shows that you are friendly and approachable.
  • Follow up the interview with a thank you note: This is one of the most important tips you should remember. Writing a thank you note expressing your gratitude shows that you appreciate the interview, and it also reminds them about the interest you have in the job.

Interviews are a key part of the hiring process. Earlier, job interviews were mostly conducted face-to-face. But today, with advanced technology, interviews are conducted over phone or video as well. No matter how the interview is conducted, organizations typically get them transcribed with the help of professional transcription services for a clear understanding of how the candidates performed and which one to choose. Interview transcripts are useful also in that these can be kept for future reference if required.

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