Is Your Law Firm Secure?

by | Published on Jul 29, 2014 | Legal Process Outsourcing

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It would be a massive understatement to say that security is all-important for law firms. They’ve got confidential data stored in their systems, making them prime target for hackers. Security breaches could easily hamper the reputation of the firm and wreak disaster for clients.

Law Firms Are Choicest Targets

An organization’s law firm must be totally secure. Typically, hackers target the most sensitive information that could ruin their opponents – and there could be no greater strategic data to target than legal information. In this age of advanced and super stealthy cyber crime, it really is mindboggling to come up with a plan to outsmart them. With increased risk comes the need of, not only state-of-the-art technology, but also common sense solutions. A few measures could go a long way to keep law firms, attorneys and other legal professionals safe from the disastrous attacks of hackers.

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Make Your Passwords Really Strong

It seems a no-brainer that one needs to use really strong passwords. Still, it is hardly followed and people can be pretty naïve when it comes to choosing tough and hard-to-guess passwords. They probably want to have lesser hassles with it, but the job of hackers is often made very easy since passwords, even in corporate circles, are easily thinkable. Granted hackers have advanced software to crack codes and passwords, but you do not want to make life easy for them. Test your password for strength, and if it’s weak, change it. Think from the mind of a hacker and see if the various passwords you use in your law firm can be guessed easily. If you can, it would be child’s play for the hacker.

As important as choosing strong passwords, is changing them on a regular basis. At a time when even personal email accounts are being spied upon, there is much more at stake when it comes to your client data. Changing passwords take extra effort from you to catalog them, but it is worth much more than the trouble you take. If passwords keep changing, hackers have a bumpier road to figure it out. Setting up reminders at periodic intervals would help you change passwords as a policy for your organization.

Careful before You Open that Email

Threats could come through seemingly innocent means such as a link in an email. In most cases hackers attack this way, and they often do not need to use much James Bond skills or technology. Always be careful whenever you do anything on the system. It is healthy to expect the kind of threats that could come with every move you make. Being on guard, and training the IT professionals of your firm in security skills, is vital to keep the reputation of your firm and the information of your clients safer.

Threats often do not come from afar but from within. If you’ve understood what that means, you need to keep an eye on the staff and the functioning of your own organization. You need to enforce strict security protocols, and there’s no getting away from technology here. If you are using external support services, it is important to ensure processes such as legal transcription and data management to a reputable legal services company which could enable you to focus on your core responsibilities without worrying about security threats.

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