Interview Transcription from Mobile Phone Audio

by | Published on Jan 12, 2016 | Interview Transcription

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Mobile Phone AudioExperienced legal transcription companies transcribe recorded conversations accurately and promptly. They accept dictations recorded via a toll-free number, digital recorder and also a mobile phone. Using a phone as a handheld recorder and dictation device is a convenient option for most professionals. A smart phone with an evidence management app it can collect evidence including interviews, interrogations and conversations for interview transcription.

CaseGuard, a company that designs software for case management, suggests that personal cell phones with advanced technology could serve as genuine evidence collection tools. Now that smartphones are capable of so much more, they could replace the camera, the recorder, and the dictation device. Let’s look at some of the pertinent points that CaseGuard makes in this regard.

Convenient Evidence Gathering with Mobile Phones

While there are many sophisticated evidence gathering mechanisms out there which are usually relied on in court sessions, nothing beats the smartphone in convenience. But there are things you need to set in place when you decide to gather evidence with your mobile phone, since you don’t want your phone to be seized by the court for examining the evidence in it. That would result in the court seeing all your personal stuff stored in the phone as well.

So when you think of using your phone to collect evidence, remember to think of options to transfer those files as well. Evidence management apps are handy here, since they could interface with the evidence management system of your legal department to facilitate easy transfer of images, conversations or whatever other kind of evidence you have. The standard options are to connect via cable to a PC or to send the photos through e-mail to your own e-mail account. However, emailing can be a headache if there are a lot of photos and video files to send.

Evidence Management Apps Makes It Happen

The evidence management app can verify the files’ authenticity and prevent any kind of tampering, which makes for easy transferring of large amounts of data including videos, interviews, large images, etc. What’s more, once you have transferred each file it automatically gets deleted from your phone. It’s not that you need to transfer and forget – you can check your photos in that management system whenever you want to, and every activity carried out on it is recorded.

With the availability of such evidence management technology, mobile phones could be used as serious evidence gathering devices. Take pictures of the crime or crash scene, document wounds on a victim or examine suspected weapons used and send it immediately to a document management system. You can carry out interviews and record them as well. A reliable transcription outsourcing company will be able to carry out the interview transcription in time to meet your needs.

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