Indispensability of Real Estate Transcription Services

by | Published on Mar 3, 2015 | Real Estate Transcription

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Real estate transcription services are one of the areas of specialization for a legal transcription company.

Why Attorneys Need Real Estate Transcription Services

Real Estate Transcription ServicesReal estate law covers the right to buy or use land along with manmade additions such as constructions. These transactions are strictly governed by state and Federal law, and the state laws differ from one state to another. With such extensive and often confusing regulations in place, real estate attorneys are indispensable for clients while carrying out transactions.

Attorneys represent real estate businesses, construction companies, other businesses, investors, and government or individuals in various transactions. They also provide invaluable advice to landlords while handling disputes regarding ownership, land use and encroachment. With the extensive responsibilities in store, attorneys could do with some help.

Real estate attorneys perform the important task of helping commercial entities as well as individuals in real estate transactions. Beyond sale and purchase of property, these transactions would also include mortgaging, leasing, financing, foreclosures and condemnation. Attorneys have the responsibility of drafting various contracts including commercial lease contracts, offer contracts, residential closings, contractor agreements, purchase contracts and listing agreements.

Transcription services can be of great assistance to real estate attorneys and brokers. Professionals in the real estate industry would regularly have multiple kinds of files to deal with based on which they create reports. That’s where outsourcing can help, particularly in crafting reports such as on-site survey reports, construction site recitations, property summaries, PCR (property condition report), court recordings related to property and lots more.

Transcription Services Can Help in Home Inspections

The benefits of transcribing real estate files can also be felt in home inspections. The accuracy of inspection is vital for home buyers to make informed decisions. The investigator can dictate the report instead of writing it so that more details can be included. Moreover, it will allow the inspector to move from one room to another more easily and cover all significant aspects of the house. The audio files can be provided to the transcription company that will ensure accurate transcription of the report. Even written reports can be handed over to the transcription service provider to be digitized and made clear and easy to read.

With this facility the inspector can perform his task better and get more specific about the details of the home. Transcripts can also be modified to suit the needs of the particular market. Customized reports can help in transactions involving property owned by banks. They can have a clear picture about the home and provide an appropriate financing option for the buyer.

Comprehensive Assistance by Transcription Companies

Legal transcription companies can provide accurate transcription of audio recordings of telephone conversations, onsite observations, interviews, etc. Testimonies, pleadings, interrogations and other real estate litigation files are some of the stuff that can be transcribed. Files can be transcribed from various formats including digital audio and video, MP3, MPEG, AVI, WMA, MOV, CD, DVD, mini discs, etc.

Outsourcing transcription of real estate files is ultimately the right choice for real estate companies and attorneys who wish to see smooth and consistent functioning of their offices and satisfied clients.

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