Importance of Research Transcription Service in Academic Research

by | Published on Sep 27, 2016 | Research Transcription

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Research Transcription in Academic ResearchAcademic research is a highly interesting field offering useful insights and statistics to the researchers as well as other interested people. Research is important to the economic and social development of the society. It is also important from the point of view of studies related to history, religion, philosophy and so on. Any kind of research enhances the repertoire of global knowledge contributing new data and ideas. Qualitative as well as quantitative research methodology includes face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, telephone interviews, and recordings of expert opinions among other audio recordings. Most researchers find audio transcription services very useful in this regard because it allows them to save time, stay more deeply involved in their research and analyze the results, knowing that the required transcripts will be ready when they need them.

For example, consider the amount of research going on in connection with the charred manuscript found around 45 years ago during excavations on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Hi-tech sequencing has proven that this parchment is part of the Book of Leviticus from a 1500-year-old Torah scroll, one of the oldest known copies of a text fundamental to both Jews and Christians. Researchers were able to decipher the verses from the sacred text called the Five Books of Moses found within the burnt manuscript. These five books, together known as the Torah are the foundation of Judaism and also integral to the Old Testament. The scholars have found that the newly revealed text is the exact replica in both format and letters, of the text in modern Torah scrolls read by most Jews at present. Highly sophisticated technology enabled the researchers to decipher the writing in the scroll and this method is expected to be useful for other old texts also such as the numerous fragile old manuscripts in the Vatican Library. What is astonishing to the scholars is that the text has not changed in 2000 years.

Scholars pursuing research in areas such as the above will have to collect data through personal interviews and discussions among other things. Nowadays most researchers make use of their smartphones to make the required recordings, which they later get transcribed with the help of an academic transcription service provider. In this way, they get to spend time more productively thinking and organizing their ideas while the professional service provider ensures accurate transcripts of all important recordings. Moreover, with neatly organized transcripts and insightful transcription, writing a thesis or dissertation becomes much easier.

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