Importance of Recording Meetings and Meeting Transcription

by | Published on Mar 29, 2016 | Business Transcription

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Meeting TranscriptionBusiness organizations conduct numerous meetings to develop skills, leadership, for morale boosting and also for decision making. Meetings have become so important in the business scenario that the demand for meeting transcription has also increased considerably. The most popular business meetings are board meetings, inter-organizational meetings, disciplinary, performance review and strategic planning meetings. It may sometimes become difficult to keep track of what was said by whom if these meetings are not recorded. Recording important things in a meeting is a standard procedure in every organization. The recorded notes are circulated among officials and are kept for future reference. It prevents misunderstandings and inter-office conflicts from crippling productivity. Audio and video recordings of meetings can be transcribed using meeting transcription services that can bring clarity and also help in making decisions based on clear points expressed in the meeting. Therefore transcribing meetings is important and has the following advantages.

  • It helps people know what they have listened to
  • Keeps account of how many members participated in the meeting and also provides valuable information to those people who were absent for the meeting
  • It allows everyone to keep track of everything and also helps everyone to stick to the agenda.
  • The recordings of meetings can be archived and used for reference purposes when necessary.

Different Types of Recordings

There are various methods of recording a meeting. These include:

  • Write down minutes or notes
  • Use laptops for recording meetings
  • Phone conferences (conference calls) with telephone recording
  • Speak-and-type arrangements, where the spoken words are immediately typed
  • Use of audio tapes and occasionally video tapes
  • Document important points visibly, such as on a chalkboard or newsprint

Recording meetings ensures that the decisions made and actions taken are not lost or forgotten. Taking the time to record the minutes of the meeting helps you to review them later. With the help of a reliable legal transcription company you can obtain accurate transcripts of your meetings. Outsourcing meeting transcription is a cost-effective proposition because you can avoid recruiting transcriptionists and buying transcription equipment. More importantly, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the meeting records you need are transcribed and stored safely in a timely manner, ensuring easy access and retrieval whenever needed.

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