How Transcription Can Help Musicians

by | Published on Sep 26, 2014 | Media Transcription

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How Transcription Can Help MusiciansMedia transcription covers all types of audio-visual media content such as radio and television broadcasts, special reports, TV interviews, game shows, podcasts, and much more. One of the most interesting areas in documentation for media is music transcription. Transcribing music is the process of working out how to play and/or write out a piece of music beginning with just an audio recording of the piece, for instance, a commercially released CD of non-classical music. Transcriptions of a piece of music written to be played on one instrument (a keyboard) are useful for those who play this piece on another instrument (a guitar).

The more complex the music and the more detailed the transcription requirement, the more challenging it would be to transcribe. It can take several hours to transcribe a single minute of piece of complex music in detail! The transcriptionist would also need to have a ‘good ear’. In any case, for a musician, the hard copy version of a piece of music is very valuable for various reasons:

  • Some sheet music may have gone out of print. A transcription company can make this piece of music available to the musician by documenting the audio.
  • Sheet music differs with purpose and instrument. A professional transcriptionist can make out these differentiations and produce specific musical scores based on client requirement.
  • Sheet music creation can be a hard task for the musician whose focus is on creating music. Relying on a documentation specialist can ensure accurate transcripts while they pursue their creative goals.
  • Transcription of music is a laborious work as converting musical audios to sheet music means adding lyrics, chord symbols and articulation marks. Entrusting the task to a reliable firm can help time and get the task done efficiently.
  • Musicians can get customized solutions when they rely on transcription services. The names of musician and other contributors are listed on the final draft and copyrights, contact information and other personalized content can be added as well. All this helps the artist to personalize the piece and share it with others.

Established service providers can transcribe media files in various formats such as digital audio, micro cassettes, mini discs, digital video, audio tape, CD/DVD, wav, mpeg, mp3, wma, mov and avi. There would be specialists to handle each type of transcription and provide client-centric solutions.

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