How to Record a Classroom Lecture Effectively

by | Published on Jun 24, 2016 | Audio Transcription

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How to Record a Classroom Lecture EffectivelyRecording classroom lectures enhances the student experience. Students can listen at leisure to what was said without trying to write it all down in the class. Lecture capture also allows students to catch up on a talk that was missed. Audio transcription services ensure that the text of the session is available for international students struggling with concepts in another language as well as for students with disabilities who trying to keep pace.

The key to successful transcription lies in recording the classroom lecture effectively. Here are some tips to produce a good recording of the lecture:

  • You should inform the class that you are recording the session. This will promote moderation and tone down the discussion.
  • Using a good quality digital recorder is important. See that the device is compact and unobtrusive. Check out the available options and choose a reliable device that is within your budget.
  • Choose an effective lecture capture tool to record the lecture and make it available online to watch before or after class.
  • Buying a voice recorder with a background cancellation feature is recommended. This will eliminate unwanted background noises.
  • Place the recorder close to where the lecture is taking place – on the speaker’s desk or somewhere in the front of the room.
  • If you feel that there were undue disturbances during the lecture, you can request the professor to repeat those portions.
  • Doing a trial run is important to check the device’s sound ability and other features.

Lecture capture is also used for applications such as student presentations, procedure demonstrations, and to provide recordings to support lecture flipping.

If you want to document the session, check out general transcription companies that provide lecture transcription service. Reliable companies offer special rates for students and can ensure accurate transcripts in quick turnaround time. If you plan on making lecture recording a practice, you should know that leading companies even offer a free digital recorder for clients with volume jobs.

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