How to Keep Your Virtual Team Active and Motivated

by | Published on Jul 5, 2019 | Business Transcription

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As one of the transcription outsourcing companies, we know that technology has transformed the process of conducting meetings and conference, and the equipment used for it is changing. The latest trend in making conference calls is virtual reality (VR). With equipment for virtual reality now on the consumer market, public tech companies and venture capitalists are exploring possible application in everything from video games to medicines. This has also encouraged companies to adopt remote working.

How to Keep Your Virtual Team Active and Motivated

Remote working is very popular today and according to research conducted by the London Business School entrepreneurs, executives and business academics, more than half of the people may be working remotely by 2020. Moreover, businesses are now looking for ways to keep their remote workers engaged with the company culture and also to collaborate and partake in training sessions. This provides flexible working policies for employees, ensures better productivity and smooth functioning of business operations.


With virtual reality, employees can attend meetings and training sessions from anywhere in the world: Businesses may have to provide training sessions to their employees and conduct meetings on a regular basis. This may sound difficult for remote workers but with virtual reality businesses can provide training to their workers. Once you have designed your training program, it can be sent to your remote workers. It is an affordable as well as flexible method to train workers.

Easier to collaborate: With VR it is easier to collaborate with remote workers who are in different locations. You can set up a virtual reality conference room where your staff can meet and exchange ideas. Compared to more traditional conference calls, this set up is a lot more engaging and effective than communicating via email.

Keep a check on all activities: VR can be used to create blueprints and  surveys that can be sent to the remote workers  and ensure the best and most relevant people are always involved in the creation and analysis of any plans you might have, even if they’re unable to come into the office. This helps detect any problems in the initial stages itself. Tweaks can be made before any production or building works begins and save time too.

Virtual Reality is an advanced technology that can make remote working easier. So here are some tips to ensure successful remote working and keep your employees motivated.

  • Conduct weekly video calls: Holding weekly video calls with your virtual team will help your remote workers stay connected. It also allows them to take any problems they may be facing off their chest and share with the rest of the group.
  • Make use of instant messenger service: Sending emails back and forth may be a little formal. So, instead you can use instant messaging apps like Skype or Slack to quickly ask questions or clarify doubts, feel connected and build a better working relationship with one another.
  • Give them rewards and appreciate their work: For remote workers working alone can be boring, so make sure to provide good incentives and rewards to encourage them to work more and be more productive. Give recognition for the great work that they do, letting them know that it doesn’t go unnoticed, despite them not being present in the office
  • Trust your employees: Trust is an important element in remote working. If you’ve hired the right people in the first place, you have to give them the freedom to get on with it. Many people are actually more productive when working remotely for a team, as they feel they need to prove that they’re getting things done without the boss nearby to check in.
  • Plan team activities: Make sure that your virtual team gets together at least once or twice a year. Arrange team building activities, a relaxed meal followed by drinks so that your virtual team stays in touch and connected.

Technological advancements are transforming the conventional method of running a business or conducting a meeting but recording and transcribing videos/audios still play a crucial role in business meetings. A reliable transcription service provider can provide meeting transcription services that are accurate and reliable.

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