How to Improve Workplace Ergonomics

by | Published on Jan 10, 2020 | Business Transcription

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Key Work Ergonomics Important for a Business Organization

In today’s complex workplace, the real challenge is to manage not just your personal workload but your team’s work too. Helping your team improve their productivity is a critical factor for the success of any project. However, with regular meetings it is easier to discuss any problems of a team and informed decisions can be made effectively. The meetings can be recorded and transcribed into accurate notes with the help of a professional transcription service. This helps to improve communication and productivity of the team and thereby boost the growth of the business.

Another factor that business managers should focus on is work ergonomics. It refers to designing a job environment to fit the worker so the work is safer and more efficient. Implementing ergonomic solutions can make employees more comfortable and increase productivity. It helps employees do their job without stressing out their body by an awkward posture or extreme temperature etc. given the importance of work ergonomics, here are some tips for you to improve the same, as suggested by Linda Trim, Director at workplace design specialists Giant Leap.

  • Great working posture: The main element of work ergonomics is a good working posture. Employees should be able to sit or stand in a neutral body position, which helps them complete their tasks successfully without any stressful ankles or excessive reaching. Workers should sit with their hands, wrists and forearms straight inline and parallel to the floor.
  • Good display with appropriate height and distance: Monitors and other display devices should be placed at eye level. Placing them at a lower or higher level can strain the neck or cause you to squint your eyes. As per ergonomics, individuals should not be required to turn their neck to the left, right, up, or down to view a display.
  • Minimize repetitive work: Despite the use of good ergonomic principles, repeating the same motion over and over will cause stress that can gradually lead to injuries. So, to minimize repetitive work employees can do something else like changing task to minimize the chances of any injury. If changing task is not possible then they can change the neutral positioning they are using from an upright sitting position to standing, reclined sitting, or declined sitting.
  • Stand up and move around: This is one of the most important tips – to stand up. After every hour, workers should take a few minutes to walk, get a drink, or a small break to relax. This will prevent strain on the body and minimize the chances of any injury.
  • Place the keyboard and mice correctly: Proper placement of keyboard and mouse is as important as good sitting posture. If employees have to reach for the mouse at a bad angle or violate the inline parallel rule for the elbows and wrists, they are going to lose neutral positioning. Placing the mouse in an inappropriate position will make employees reach out for the mouse and it can lead to excessive fatigue and injury. Keyboards and mice should be placed in such a way so that employees can access them without breaking any of the neutral positioning rules.
  • Provide adjustable chairs and desks: For a good sitting posture, employees should be given quality adjustable chairs and desks and other equipment. The more positions a chair and desk can adjust to, the more they can be tailored to the individual using them.
  • Environmental setting: Another important element is the work environment. Proper lighting, temperature and humidity are essential ergonomics. Light should not cause glare on computer screens, but it should be enough for reading printed material. Maintain a temperature that is comfortable for as many people as possible.

If the team is working in full throttle, then the above-mentioned tips would help your team members to be more productive. Instead of extended working hours and staff meeting, have a 15-minute staff meeting and do not forget to thank the team for doing great work. All these crucial meetings or discussions can be transcribed and recorded into accurate notes with the help of business transcription services.

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