Media Transcription Outsourcing and its Benefits for the Media Industry

by | Published on Jan 5, 2016 | Media Transcription

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Media Transcription OutsourcingThe media industry is a dynamic and fast-growing sector with a number of mediums relaying information to the public such as radio, televisions, documentaries, films and news. Media transcription is indispensable for this industry to flourish as the transcripts are necessary for post production scripts, B-roll footage, unedited rushes and other tasks that make disseminating information and broadcasting easier. Media has now evolved into a platform that supports infotainment (information + entertainment) rather than giving mere information. The services provided are quite broad in nature such as television broadcasts, news, game shows, talk shows, reality shows, documentaries, infomercials and so on. In such a scenario, transcription outsourcing can be beneficial for the media industry. Let’s see why.

Reduce Expenses and Focus More on Core Competencies

When it comes to big media houses, radio stations or small TV stations, there would be a number of shows to transcribe such as reality shows, interviews, documentaries, cookery shows, news and many more. You may have to pay a high amount in terms of salaries while hiring personnel to transcribe all these shows while the number depends upon how interesting the shows are to the audiences. While outsourcing, which is a more affordable alternative, skilled and experienced media transcriptionists will take care of the entire transcription process so that media professionals get ample time to conduct interviews effectively and report quality and credible stories.

Transcription for a Variety of File Formats

Media people need to transcribe both audio and video files. Depending upon the development of technology, there would be a number of file formats to transcribe such as WAV, MP3, MP4 and so on. It may not be possible to transcribe all types of formats at the media houses. They may need to convert a file in one format to another for transcription. At the same time, they can simply send that file to a reliable transcription company and receive the full transcript in hand. Most companies transcribe multiple file format types.

Quick Delivery of Time Sensitive Transcripts

News stories have a very competitive nature, especially when it comes to local television reporting. This demands quick and accurate transcripts of stories, which may not be possible with in-house personnel. Experienced transcription companies deal with such situations efficiently on a daily basis with the help of skilled media transcriptionists and quality analysis teams, and help you meet your deadlines.

Subtitling of Videos

Subtitling may be required for certain programs, especially when it comes to documentary transcription or movie script transcription in order to make the audiences understand the language. However, there are different subtitling formats and broadcast and post production companies will insist for a particular format, which can be generated only with an expert’s help. Being well-equipped with facilities and experts, reliable transcription services can handle the task of subtitling in a quick and efficient manner.

Time Coding and Captioning

It may be required to add time codes during interview transcription to index and quickly locate segments of interviews. Captioning or text version of speech and other sound is required while transcribing movie scripts. Time coding and captioning are needed at the post production stages and the format may differ according to the production companies. As a great deal of focus is needed to find out the exact time and capture the sound, the service of transcription companies will prove advantageous to enhance quality and save time.

In short, media industry is growing fast with humungous services. In order to ensure quality and better revenues, outsourcing transcription work and focusing on core competencies are essential.

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