Google Voice’s Voicemail Transcription – Benefits and Limitations of Businesses

by | Published on Sep 12, 2014 | Transcription Services

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Google Voice, an amazing application from the tech giant, offers a mixture of telecommunication services such as call-forwarding, messaging, voicemail, and more. Businesses find this application really helpful to handle calls. However, the most amazing feature of this application is its ability to automatically transcribe voicemail recordings. For every business, missing a call could mean losing a client or a sale. Google Voice’s Voicemail transcription services transcribes voicemails to text, uploads them to the Google Voice Inbox, and even sends the transcripts of the voicemails to the sales staff through Gmail or as a SMS message. Let’s look into the benefits and limitations of Google Voice’s voicemail transcription.


  • There is no need to call your voicemail or open the MP3 file and listen to your message. Whether you are in the office or at home, all you have to do is open your e-mail.


  • Many businesses receive huge number of phone calls each day and they find it difficult to respond to every voicemail message. Google Voice’s voicemail transcription facility sends the transcripts of all voicemails to the company email address so that you can respond to the message quickly and save time.
  • Recording and transcribing telephone conversations of customers are very important for many businesses (for a hardware repair business, for instance), to take an in-depth look into the problems of customers, and maintain a good relationship with them. With automatic voicemail transcription, you can access the transcripts of customer communications easily and decide what action has to be taken.
  • As the voicemail transcripts can be received through your email automatically, you can prioritize the messages easily (‘star’ the messages as important) and perform urgent actions quickly.


  • If there is lot of background noise in the voicemail, Google Voice will display a ‘transcript not available’ message instead of providing transcripts. In this case, you will have to listen to the voicemail directly to receive your message.
  • If you receive voicemails of customers from non-English speaking countries on a regular basis, you need to adjust the transcription options to a different language constantly. Sometimes, you may not find the language you want in the list.
  • Since Google Voice’s voicemail transcription is essentially robotic, accuracy is not guaranteed as with a professional transcription company. Certain types of errors can even change the entire meaning of the transcript.

When it comes to ensuring quality preparing accurate text documents from the audio files of standard business communication, the services of a skilled transcriptionist can be invaluable. Outsourcing documentation also helps your staff focus on other important tasks. Going by a few checks can help you hire the right business transcription service.

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