Good Communication Essential for Effective Business Functioning

by | Published on Jun 27, 2017 | Business Transcription

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Good Communication Essential for Effective BusinessBusiness organizations hold several board meetings and interviews that involve a lot of decision making and sharing of critical information. Clear communication is very important in business conferences and meetings. Minutes takers may have a tough time with participants who speak fast, those with accents, and those who speak vaguely. Listening to each and every important detail and remembering it for future reference or writing it down in real time may be an impossible task. Most businesses use business transcription services to address this problem. Important business interactions can thus be recorded and transcribed into text format, which helps to maintain detailed records of business communication. It also becomes useful in case of any legal dispute or lawsuit.

Good communication plays a crucial role in meetings and seminars as it helps to convey a clear business message to the participants. Proper business communication ensures proper implementation of business policies and coordination among employees in an organization. It ensures smooth working, prompt decision-making and helps build human relations.

CEOs Stress the Need for Strong Communication

Given the significance of strong communication, it is not surprising that most CEOs highlight this as the No.1 reason for their business success. This was according to a client poll of Charmaine McClaire, an executive coach in Pasadena, California who delivered the keynote address at the Oklahoma City University’s eighth annual women’s leadership conference at the Cox Convention Center this April. She advised that communicating the vision or the outcome at the outset is very important. A good communicator would be brief and precise, and would focus on three main aspects – why listen, what is in it for the audience, and what to do about it.

Other participants of the conference suggested various tips.

  • Guest panellist and Oklahoma City medical malpractice attorney Emily Nash Kitch suggested removing the word “just” from all written and oral communication.
  • Sandra Quince, panel moderator and human resources lead for the Bank of America in Tulsa advised drafting emails with nothing in the “To” field in case it is accidentally sent. Also, avoiding exclamation marks and superlatives is best because readers can’t see you or hear your tone. She also said that she used bullet points instead of paragraphs.
  • Pamela Meyer, author of the book “Liespotting”, said she never asked anyone why they did something. Instead she would ask, “What made you feel like you wanted to do that?”

Ensuring Effective Communication

Good Communication Essential for Effective BusinessCommunication in business organizations is typically via meetings, emails, conference calls, reports, presentations and debates. Communicating in the most effective way is vital to boost productivity. To ensure that you are communicating successfully, make sure that:

  • You are clear about what you want to say. Minimize your ideas and ensure that the readers/audience understand your message.
  • Your communication is error-free and suits your audience. Whatever you communicate should be within your audience’s knowledge or level of education.
  • Whatever you communicate is logical with all the points connected and relevant to the main topic.
  • Your message is complete and the audience are given everything they need to be informed or take action.
  • You are open, sincere and friendly and keep the audience’s viewpoint in mind.

Transcription firms providing business transcription services know how important clear and unambiguous communication is to convey business messages successfully. It is vital when it comes to efficient and easy management of the organization. Successful communication is necessary for the employees to understand the organization’s goals and work towards achieving those goals. Information can be shared between people with great ease. Moreover, all departments in an organization that communicates well stay united and thus enable the entire organization to work as one unit.

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