Essential Tips to Conduct a Productive Business Meeting

by | Published on Jan 13, 2017 | Business Transcription

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Productive Business MeetingAs general transcription providers, we understand the immense significance meetings have for our client businesses, and how many critical decisions are made during such meetings that propel the growth of the company. However, business meetings can be dull and a bane if they are unproductive and not managed well. How can business meetings be made more interesting and productive? Here are some suggestions.

5 Tips for Conducting a Good Business Meeting

  • It is not a meeting but a gathering: Do not call your meetings as business conferences or meetings, because meetings are considered boring and stuffy. Instead of a boring set up, treat your meeting or conference as a gathering of all employees and also take care to mention it as a get-together or gathering.
  • Do not always use the conference room: There is no rule that meetings should be conducted in conference rooms; instead you can conduct it in any of your favourite places, it can be a resort, coffee shop or even a car if it involves only very few people. A change in location away from the office environment will encourage people to speak more freely and be creative.
  • Be informal: Being informal helps employees to relax and encourages them to come up with new ideas that are productive.
  • Do not sit: Try not to use chairs to sit and conduct the meetings; instead the group could stand. Sitting at your desk all day has a negative effect on your health and well-being. Standing is much healthier and you can use meetings as an opportunity to get out of that office chair. Standing, being not as comfortable as sitting, also helps the employees to get to the point faster and conclude the meeting quickly.
  • Keep it short: Try to keep your meeting short, cut down your half an hour meeting to a 15 minute-one. This will keep your employees attentive and lively, and communication becomes much easier.

Make Your Business Meetings Even More Productive

You can make your meetings more productive, engage peoples’ attention completely and reduce staff workload by utilizing business transcription services. With a good service provider, you and your staff members need not spend time transcribing the proceedings. You only need ensure that you use reliable recording equipment that has good audio quality, and your partnering service will ensure timely and accurate transcripts that are so important for further reference and use.

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