Five Benefits of Transcribing Television Shows

by | Published on Jul 8, 2014 | Media Transcription

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Transcribing Television ShowsMost television networks, independent producers and multimedia companies want the videos of television shows to be transcribed. Media transcription accurately captures the entire spectrum of audio-visual media content. Both the conversations and the sound effects accompanying the visuals are faithfully documented. Transcribing TV shows provides many benefits:

  • Helps the Hearing Impaired Audience – Video transcripts are used to subtitle TV shows so that hearing impaired people who finds difficulty in following conversations or sound effects can enjoy the show like others. They can follow the TV show by having others read out the conversations and sound effects noted on video transcripts and understand the content better.
  • Meets Stringent Requirements – Producers generate transcripts of their TV shows to meet stringent deliverables of networks or studios. Television networks require the producers to submit the video transcripts of TV shows including newscasts, conferences, one-to-one interviews, and more. These transcripts show the filming progress and accurately capture the content and dialogue. This will also help document camera shots and angles and insert time codes which are important for editing process (to add captions and subtitles).
  • Allows Shows to be Aired in Multiple Countries – A TV show transcript is the written record of an entire show’s content including dialogues, speaker identification and time codes. Translating the content of these shows would make it possible for them to be aired in different countries.
  • To Increase Search Engine Accessibility – Providing the video transcripts along with the TV show video uploaded to the web would increase accessibility. Search engines pick up and index the written text or key phrases in the transcript that talk about the show. This would enhance the visibility of video in Search Engine Results Pages and make it easily accessible to web users looking for such content.
  • To Entice People Who Like to Read – Many people like to read the transcripts of interviews with industry experts, celebrities or other famous personalities aired on TV. The document would offer a better understanding of what was said. By uploading the transcripts of interviews along with the video, the producers can ensure that the TV show reached both categories of the audience – those who like to watch and those who like to read.

In addition to this, video transcripts of TV shows are often used as references for research or study in schools, universities and corporate organizations.

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