Ensuring Accurate Transcripts of Telephone Conversations

by | Published on Nov 6, 2013 | Telephone Transcription

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Even in this internet-savvy era, telephones play a significant role in communication between people and organizations. When it comes to business organizations, routine conversations between two people such as interviews, conferences, customer queries and market surveys are recorded. These audio recordings help businesses in tracking and gathering market data, solving business related issues, verifying business or financial deals, ensuring client satisfaction, and much more.

Under federal law, businesses are generally allowed to monitor phone calls pertaining to the normal course of their business. However, they have to abide federal and state laws and guidelines while recording telephone conversations. Usually, prior notice is given to employees on the interception.

Documenting these conversations is as important as recording them. As there would be hundreds of phone call recordings in a business establishment, the best way to accomplish this is to outsource the task to an established transcription company. This would ensure customized transcripts of the recordings. Skilled and experienced transcriptionists can overcome clarity issues caused by audible disturbances by

  • Equalizing the voices
  • Minimizing the hiss
  • Eliminating noises and echoes in the recordings
  • Eliminating electrical hums

Partnering with a reliable transcription service provider can help save 30-40 on your operational costs. Notable features of professional telephone transcription services include:

  • Time stamping on request
  • 3 Levels of quality assurance
  • Accurate transcripts for recordings with multiple speakers
  • Availability of complete work flow modules
  • Fast and customized turnaround
  • Complete document flow management
  • Browser, e-mail and FTP based file transfer

Be sure to evaluate the quality and accuracy of telephone transcription service before you sign up. Some companies offer a free trial to help you do so.

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