Ensuring Accuracy in the All-important Telephone Transcription

by | Published on Oct 30, 2013 | Telephone Transcription

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No one can discount the fact that telephones are still a major source of communication. Running a comprehensive transcription company offering telephone transcription services, I know how important these means of communication are.

We receive frequent telephone transcription assignments from businesses and we’ve recorded anything from market surveys to conferences and interviews, and we’ve helped businesses improve their productivity through accurate and promptly delivered transcripts which have helped them in examining various financial or business deals, solve business issues and gather market data. They’ve also helped in improving their customer satisfaction.

Our recording formats include MP3, MP4, MPEG, WAV, DVD, DSS, cassette, audio CD, etc. We eliminate all the disturbances that would typically accompany a telephone conversation such as echoes, hisses, electrical hums, voice irregularities, etc. through our superior technology, and then our trained transcribers take over.

We can enable businesses to cut operational costs by around 30% to 40%. Here are some of the key features of our telephone transcription services:

  • Time stamping if requested
  • Multiple quality assurance checks
  • Accurate transcripts for multiple speaker recordings
  • Total work flow modules available
  • Quick, customized turnaround
  • Total document flow management
  • File transfer options of browser, e-mail and FTP

We train our transcribers intensely so that they do the job well. Each transcribed work of ours goes through quality checks conducted by our experienced proof readers and editors.

We provide telephone transcription services in line with the requirements of client companies since we know that the needs of each organization are different. We also ensure that our clients have met all Federal and State norms regarding telephone recordings which means they can be quite relaxed and focus on what their main responsibilities are.

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