Eight Tips for Entrepreneurs to Conduct Interviews Successfully

by | Published on Jan 7, 2020 | Interview Transcription

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Tips for Entrepreneurs to Conduct Interviews Successfully

Interviews are of course the most effective way of filling available vacancies with the best candidates. However, conducting an interview and recruiting suitable candidates is a daunting task. Choosing the wrong candidate can adversely affect the image of the organization. Therefore, great care and discretion are necessary when making the selection. Reliable digital transcription agencies provide accurate interview transcripts for business managers who need them for reference purposes.

While job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience for candidates, it is a difficult task for HR managers also. The purpose of the interview is to provide an opportunity to candidates to display their skills and abilities in order to get the job in a reputable organization. Interviews are one of the most important procedures in staff selection as it helps employers choose the right person for the right job. Entrepreneurs may not have the right knowledge about hiring people for their organization. This is because they might never have been trained nor had a reason to do a workshop course on interviewing and hiring people. Lacking experience in interviewing candidates and not having a good interview board can lead to failure of the interview. So, here are some tips that entrepreneurs could consider to conduct a successful interview.

  • Make a plan: For an interview to go successfully, it is important to make a plan about what you want to know from your candidates. Frame questions carefully so that you get the answers that you need to assess them and make better decisions. As per Business News Daily, an effective way to approach the planning stage is to conduct what is known as a “job analysis.” So, take the help of specialists in the area in which you are hiring.
  • Know your candidate: Going through the resume of your candidates thoroughly and having a clear understanding of the candidates will help you with interview questions. You may also take a look at their social media profiles to get additional information.
  • Build rapport: Interviews are equally stressful for both candidates and employers. So it is important to break the ice and make the candidates feel comfortable. You can ask some simple questions like “where did you go for schooling” etc. This will also give an idea of the candidate’s personality.
  • Include one or two people for interviewing: Having two or more people along with you for the interview will help bring their own questions and perspectives and this will help you in getting a better understanding of the candidate. Having an additional member would also enable you to make a quick decision in the hiring process.
  • Give a problem and ask for solutions: Interview is an opportunity for employers to assess the candidate and find out if he or she can handle the job well. So, it is important to ask strategic questions which involve describing potential problems that could arise in the position in question, and then asking the candidate to describe how he/she would handle it. This will give you a clear idea about how the candidate will perform in case of any stressful situation.
  • Talk about your company: Promoting your company during the interview is important, especially if the candidate seems promising. The process of interview is reciprocal in nature and by promoting your company the candidates get a better picture of your business values and the work culture.
  • Ask smart questions: Ask some smart questions to your candidates to know what they can deliver. Knowing how to interview a candidate means knowing what not to ask. Make sure to ask questions that are strictly based on professional topics and avoid questions that are related to religion, age, marital status, sexuality or national origin etc. The following are some examples of behavioral questions:
    • Adaptability: Ask about how they managed a stressful situation where in they had numerous demands competing for their time and attention.
    • Ethics: Ask a question about a situation where the candidate had to work with someone he or she did not like or respect and how they managed the situation.
    • Initiative: Ask if they have taken up any risk even when they were reluctant to do so.
    • Interpersonal skills: Find out if they had any serious conflict and how they handled the situation.
    • Dependability: Ask if they have had any difficulty in keeping a committee and how they tackled it.
    • Customer service: Ask them to narrate a situation when they had to deal with difficult customer encounters.
    • Planning: Ask them to explain about the techniques used to plan and organize their work.
    • Teamwork: Ask if they had to set their priorities aside in the interest of the team.
    • Judgement: Find out if they had to make any difficult decision, if so then what process did they go through to arrive at the situation.
    • Leadership:Tell them to explain a story about how they inspired a group to do something productive

Interviews are the best way to select the right candidate and transcribing job interviews is always a good decision. Interview transcripts are ready reference material that will come useful at any point of the hiring process. Accurate and customized transcripts can be obtained by partnering with a provider of dedicated business transcription services.

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