Don’t Let Transcription Errors Affect Your Business

by | Published on Aug 18, 2012 | Business Transcription

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Reducing the impact of human error in the workplace is a subject that gets a lot of attention. When the errors are related to transcription, the effect can sometimes be quite serious.

Business transcription is sought to document the proceedings of conferences, seminars, shareholders meetings, speeches, lectures, focus groups, workshops, interviews, telephone calls, symposiums, and group discussions. In these cases, transcription errors could have a snowball effect or ripple effect. For instance, the entry of a wrong numeral or wrong number would lead to wrong quantity, a wrong total, and eventually, wrong meaning! Your transcripts are archived and all this wrong information corrupts your database with far reaching consequences. To understand, try this experiment – introduce a small error (but rectifiable!) in your system and see what happens….

Transcription errors can harm your customer and client relationships, and eventually your business. You may fail to close a deal or make the wrong decision due to an erroneously transcribed file. Don’t let transcription errors affect your business. Outsource your business transcription to a professional transcription company that has experts on the job. You can get non-verbatim or verbatim transcripts that capture the essence of audio and video recordings of important business events and activities. A reliable service provider would have stringent QA in place. Test drive the services of a few providers before you make your decision and choose a company that can ensure quality business transcripts at affordable cost.

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