Consumer Class Action Lawsuits Increasing – Get Documentation Support

by | Published on May 20, 2016 | Legal Process Outsourcing

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Consumer Class Action LawsuitsAttorneys play an important role in helping consumers get justice in class action lawsuits.  Representing plaintiffs who have suffered damages as a result of product defect, fraud, or other information failure is not easy and can involve a lengthy trial process and extensive documentation. Legal transcription services help ease the task of converting video and audio recordings of depositions, motions, briefs, appeals and more into accurate documents. With consumer class action lawsuits on the rise, these services are a feasible option for busy attorneys.

Class Action Lawsuits That Made Headlines

Class action involves combining the money claims of a large number of people when each claimant’s case may be too small to fight cost-effectively.  This improves the chances of success in costly suits against large corporations.

Among class actions lawsuits that made headlines is the Visa/MasterCard suit filed in 2005. The plaintiffs consisted of retailers and individuals alleging that the credit-card companies engaged in anti-competitive activity by fixing debit and credit card fees. The suit was settled in 2012 for $5.7 billion though a U.S. court heard a challenge to this settlement in September 2015.

The infamous Enron scandal was settled in 2006 for $7.2 billion. Investors in the Enron’s stock filed lawsuits under both federal and state laws against the corporation, individual officers and directors for fraud involving concealment from investors of losses by Enron-controlled special purpose entities.

A class suit could also work out in favor of the corporation that is the defendant. In April 2016, an Uber class action lawsuit seems to have favourable implications for the taxi service.  The argument was that Uber drivers should be classified as employees to make them eligible for worker protections. Under the settlement, Uber will pay as much as $100 million to about 385,000 drivers, but will continue to treat drivers in California and Massachusetts as independent contractors. The Uber deal is pending approval by the U.S. District Judge in San Francisco.

Legal Transcription Service Allows Attorneys Focus On Winning the Case

Skilled and experienced attorneys can get justice for their clients in a class action lawsuit. A reliable attorney will be focused on providing their clients with individualized attention and focused representation after thoroughly researching and preparing for the trial. Legal transcription companies support these professionals by providing them with error-free, timely transcripts of court proceedings, depositions, and more.

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