Audio Transcription Service – A Good Option for Busy Journalists

by | Published on Feb 27, 2015 | Audio Transcription

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Audio Transcription ServiceJournalists work with a number of audio recordings of interviews, from which they create their reports. The problem most of these professionals face is lack of time to transcribe the recordings accurately. To meet deadlines and ensure accurate documentation of their audio recordings, journalists can consider the services of a good audio transcription company.

Here are some reasons why media people such as journalists need to associate with a reliable transcription service provider.

  • Professional services can ensure remarkable accuracy for the spoken words. You can request for verbatim transcription that will contain every single word and expression in the recording or go for a non-verbatim version that will retain only what is sensible and relevant.
  • When you decide to record the interview rather than take handwritten or typed notes, you can focus on listening to the interviewee and bring out a more astute report.
  • You can keep your deadlines with the assistance of a dependable service provider. You can have the transcripts returned to you within your specified turnaround time and get to work on your project immediately.

Are Audio Transcription Tools a Reliable Solution?

There are tools which serve as browser-based audio transcription apps. They can help make the transcription task less tedious. To put it simply, they serve as audio players plus text editors – both in one app. It’s the keystrokes plus audio speed controls that help in quick formatting. The mouse could be used to rewind the audio, and the transcriber wouldn’t have to leave the keyboard and his computer to complete the transcription.

The tedium of transcription would still remain because you have to do the job on your own and find time for it.

Why Outsourcing is Essential

Being web-based tools, solutions such as the above mentioned apps come with their own disadvantages. In spite of these tools, it is best to outsource legal transcription to a dedicated transcription company because in this case the entire transcription workload is lifted off your shoulders.

Other important things to consider are the amount of intense training received by professional transcribers, the efficiency of the transcription process, and smart technology – that help make the transcription of audio files more accurate and reliable. These transcriptionists are experienced and knowledgeable in many business and research areas; their experience enables them to prepare the right type of transcript for the right profession.

That’s why, despite the existence of such apps, audio transcription is best handled when outsourced.

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