Transcribing Audio and Video Recordings of Focus Group Sessions

by | Published on Jan 14, 2013 | Media Transcription

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Audio and video recordings of a focus group session can be transcribed into text format for understanding the prevailing atmosphere of the market and consumer behavior. In addition, these transcribed text documents help a business in obtaining early responses to the new product or new service that is about to be launched in the market.

Businesses such as market research companies engaged in understanding consumer behavior patterns need to rely on focus group transcription. Transcription for focus groups is different from interview transcription in that the number of people to be interviewed may change from time to time while the interviewer remains the same. A team of market research specialists usually gather a certain number of people (for instance, a group of 7 to 20 people) and ask about their opinion about a specific product or service that is about to be introduced in the market. The feedback obtained is recorded and later used to evaluate and analyze consumer behavior and current market trends.

A reliable legal transcription company can offer affordable and reliable transcription solutions for focus group sessions. An established firm with sufficient industry experience can provide focus group transcription service at cost-effective rates to meet client specifications. Services are available for market research and non-profit organizations, local bodies, marketing consulting firms, training companies, universities, and so on. Some of the gains clients can acquire by outsourcing focus group transcription are 3 level quality assurance, security and confidentiality through 256 bit AES encryption, facility to edit files during the transcription process, and more.

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