Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Your Thesis on Your Own

by | Published on Feb 26, 2019 | General Transcription

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Academic research is very strenuous and involves a lot of writing as well as recording of interviews, lectures and other audio resources. These recordings and lectures can be transcribed into accurate transcripts with the help of reliable general transcription services. It saves substantial amount of time and allows the researchers to work on qualitative research. Academic research needs to be systematic and requires data from different sources to be neatly organized, transcribed and documented.

Writing a thesis is not an easy task. It requires good writing skills, proper research, statistics, and analytical skills to derive insights and also prepare a good presentation. This may seem intimidating but being more organized can help in making the writing process easy. Sometimes your thesis may be your individual work and sometimes you will have an assigned partner or group to help you complete your thesis.

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Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of writing your thesis on your own.

Advantages of Writing Your Thesis on Your Own

  • You know your topic: Since you are the only one working on the paper you will know your topic inside out and once you are finished with your paper you can recite the entire paper fluently.
  • Defend your thesis consistently: After your thesis is ready, you have to defend your topic in front of the experts. These experts may ask several questions and also reverse and loop the terms and ask them back to you to know how well you know the paper. If you have drafted the thesis, then you will know the topic very well and can answer any tough questions about the terms, concepts and content of the paper.
  • No one will contest your ideas: When you are writing your thesis, you can change the content at any time. If you are in a group, there may be situations when what you have added may contradict the statements of your partner or group member. Such clash of ideas can lead to disagreement or grudge and thereby to a poorly written thesis. However, if you are writing your thesis on your own, there is no such risk and you are the only one accountable for any mistakes.
  • You are your own boss: The way you want to write the thesis is entirely up to you. You can be your own boss and tailor your thesis according to your wish. Moreover, you need not wait for anyone else to finish your paper.
  • The expectations are lower: As you are alone, the expectations of your respected panellists will not be that high since there are certain limitations that they are willing to acknowledge. If you are working alone you will have fewer objectives and output when compared to those who do in groups. Bu doing it all by yourself will help you focus better.

Disadvantages of Writing Your Thesis on Your Own

  • You have to know all the details: You have to memorize all the pages of your thesis, go through each page, review the content and practice a lot to defend effectively.
  • You can get exhausted and be out of focus: Writing the entire thesis can be exhausting. It can also lead to grammatical errors. When you are tired, you may not be able to perform well which results in poor thesis writing.
  • You can blame only yourself: If your thesis is good or bad, you can blame it only on yourself and there will be no one to pick up the pace when you fall behind.
  • Ideas may stagnate: As there is no one to bounce your ideas back to or give relevant insight or observation, your ideas can end up stagnating since no one will be there to challenge it. This could result in you becoming close-minded towards ideas that could help improve your paper. You could also repeat mistakes in the absence of an external feedback to point out such mistakes.
  • Being complacent can be dangerous: Lower expectations can lead you to become complacent and you tend to work less as people do not expect much. This is a dangerous mindset because it may cause you to procrastinate or, worse, give mediocre outputs. Understand that the thesis is the cornerstone of your academic career. In the future, students may refer to your work, so you are obligated give your best. Young scholars usually struggle between experimental work and writing thesis. An alternative available is to hire a professional to help with your thesis writing. Thesis transcription services available for independent research projects enable you to speed up compiling data and preparing the thesis.

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